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Intel OR Intelligence Jobs


An overview of the intelligence agencies that provide intelligence analyst jobs among other general intelligence jobs.

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

This office is responsible for coordinating the collection and sharing of intelligence among the other 16 agencies.  It was formed by Congress after 9/11.  The director oversees all matters relating to national security and is the primary advisor to the president, the National Security Council and Homeland Security. 

Central Intelligence Agency

Commonly thought of as the spying agency, the CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence agency tasked with gathering and analyzing national security information from around the world.

National Security Agency

The NSA is accountable for world monitoring, assemblage and processing of information and data for overseas intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.  The protection of U.S. communications networks and information systems is also a responsibility of the NSA. Many defense contractors need to fill intelligence analyst jobs, and intelligence jobs in general to support this agency.

Defense Intelligence Agency

Specializing in defense and military intelligence, the DIA is an external arm of the U.S.  This agency advises national officials about the military intents and competencies of international governments. The agency’s purview includes the gathering and investigation of military-related foreign political, economic, industrial, geographic, and medical/health intelligence.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

As the primary federal law enforcement agency, the FBI is responsible for domestic intelligence and security.  It functions under the dominion of the U.S. Department of Justice and is also a member of the Intelligence Community.  The FBI has authority over violations of more than two hundred classes of federal crimes.

Department of State

The DOS, also referred to as the State Department, is the U.S. federal executive department that counsels the President. This department also represents the country in international affairs and foreign policy matters. The DOS negotiates treaties with foreign entities and represents our country at the United Nations.

Department of Homeland Security

With responsibilities in public security, the DHS is a cabinet of the US government.  Its assignments involve anti-terrorism, cyber security, border security, immigration/customers and disaster avoidance.  It was created in response to the attacks of 9/11.

Drug Enforcement Administration

The DEA is the law enforcement agency responsible combating smuggling of controlled substances and their use in the U.S.  It is the agency who monitors and enforces the Controlled Substance Act.  It also has solitary responsibility for coordinating and pursuing U.S. drug investigations both on U.S. and foreign soil.

United States Department of the Treasury

The USDT is an executive department and the treasury of the U.S. government.  Its tasks include producing currency and coinage, amassing taxes and paying bills of the U.S., managing federal finances, overseeing banks and counseling on fiscal policy.  This department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury who is a member of the Cabinet.

Department of Energy

Another cabinet-level department is the DOE who deals with policies regarding energy and safety involving nuclear materials.  Its accountabilities include the national nuclear weapons program, energy related research, nuclear reactor production, and radioactive waste disposal.  It also administers the Human Genome Project and delivers intelligence on foreign nuclear weapons.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Under the U.S. Department of Defense, The NGA is both a combat support agency and an intelligence agency for the U.S. Intelligence Community with the key mission of gathering, evaluating and delivering geospatial intelligence in support of national security. 

National Reconnaissance Office

The NRO functions as a member of the U. S. Intelligence Community and an agency of the Department of Defense.  It plans, shapes and operates the reconnaissance satellites of the our government and offers satellite intelligence to numerous government agencies including signals intelligence to the NSA, imagery intelligence to the NGA and measurement and signature intelligence to the DIA.

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

The main mission of the AFISRA is to deliver intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance products, applications, capabilities and resources to include cyber and geospatial forces and expertise.  In addition it is also the service cryptologic component accountable to the NSA and the CSS for Air Force cryptographic activities.

Army Military Intelligence or Military Intelligence Corps

The MI is the intelligence arm of the U. S. Army.  The chief mission of this corps is to provide timely, pertinent, precise and synchronized intelligence and electronic warfare support to operational, tactical, and strategic-level commanders.  The Army’s intelligence components produce security information both for Army use and for sharing across the U.S. intelligence community.

Office of Naval Intelligence

As the military intelligence agency of the U.S. Navy, ONI serves as the nation’s principal source of maritime intelligence. Their mission includes real-time reporting on the activities and developments of foreign navies, protecting maritime resources, observing transnational maritime threats, offering technical support to the Navy and surveying the world-wide maritime environment.

Marine Corps Intelligence

On behalf of the Marine Corps, this agency provides service to the intelligence community based on expeditionary mission profiles in littoral areas. It supports the development of service doctrine, education/training, force structure, and acquisition.

Coast Guard Intelligence

A component of the Central Security Service and the U.S. Department of Defense, CGI is the military intelligence branch of the U.S. Coast Guard. Its central roles are to protect the environment, the public, and domestic economic and security interests in any maritime region in which those interests may be at risk, including international waters.

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16 of the 17 U.S. Intelligence Community Members including the Air Force, Army, CIA, Coast Guard, DIA, DOE, DHS, Department of State, Treasury, Justice, the FBI, Marines, NGIA, NRO, NSA and the Navy. The ODNI is not represented in this image.

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Intelligence Reports Officer – Key West FL (ID# 14179)
Top Secret / SCI
Key West, Florida
Intelligence Report Officer Weston, FL (ID# 13762) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Weston, Florida
Intelligence Report Officer Washington, D.C. (ID# 13780) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Washington, District of Columbia
Intelligence Report Officer Seattle, WA (ID# 13768 ) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Seattle, Washington
Intelligence Report Officer New York, NY (ID# 13775) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
New York, New York
Intelligence Report Officer Chantilly, VA (ID# 13774) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Chantilly, Virginia
Intelligence Report Officer San Diego (ID# 13777) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
San Diego, California
Intelligence Report Officer Metairie, LA (ID# 13779) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Metairie, Louisiana
Intelligence Report Officer Louisville, KY (ID# 13781) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Louisville, Kentucky
Intelligence Report Officer St. Louis, MO (ID# 13794) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
St. Louis, Missouri
Intelligence Report Officer Centennial, CT (ID# 13796) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
Centennial, Connecticut
Intelligence Report Officer San Francisco, CA (ID# 13798) (TS/SCI)
Top Secret / SCI
San Francisco, California
Intelligence Planner (IP) Professional
Top Secret / SCI + Poly
Honolulu, Hawaii
Intel Analyst (Part Time, On-Call)
Top Secret / SCI
Ft. Belvoir, Virginia,
Intelligence Analyst Lead (up to 25% Profit Sharing)
Top Secret / SCI + Poly
Sterling, Virginia
Intelligence Analyst, JAST
Top Secret / SCI
Reston, Virginia
Intelligence Analyst
Top Secret / SCI + CI Poly
Tampa, Florida
Intelligence Analyst - Open Source
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Intelligence Analyst - Open Source
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Intelligence Integrator, SOFST
Top Secret / SCI
Reston, Virginia
Intelligence Analyst, Principal
Washington, District of Columbia
Intelligence Analyst / OBP Analyst (DC Metro)
Top Secret / SCI + Poly
Washington, District of Columbia
Intel Analyst Senior
Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Intel Analyst Sr
Top Secret / SCI + Poly
MCLEAN, Virginia
Intelligence Training Specialist
Fort Stewart, Georgia