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Security Cleared Job Board Launches New and Improved Web Site

 (April 13, 2009) Falls Church, Virginia — ClearedJobs.Net announced today the launch of its new security cleared job board at www.ClearedJobs.Net. While the new site incorporates many new features and components to facilitate job postings by facilities cleared employers and recruiters, the primary, most important goal of the new site is to serve security cleared professionals in search of new career opportunities.

A key difference worth noting between the old and the new site is the concept of “once a customer, always a customer.” For the job seekers this now means once they establish their account, they can sign up for jobs, register for job fairs and have all the information available to them without having to re-register. Employers, too, can simply sign up and have access to all services. For example, if an employer has attended a job fair and they wanted resume database searching, they can now log into their account and request these services.

Other significant enhancements to the ClearedJobs.Net job board for security cleared job seekers and cleared facilities employers include 

For security cleared job seekers:

  • new dashboard provides important details regarding how often resume has been viewed, what job agents the job seeker has created and what job fairs they have registered for
  • expanded search capabilities and Google map interfaces
  • simple registration process for attending ClearedJobs.Net Cleared Job Fairs
  • improved access to a wealth of educational articles and online videos covering a variety of career-related topics

For cleared facilities employers:

  • extensive reporting capabilities detail access duration, number of job postings employer has posted, active resume agents and which Cleared Job Fairs they are registered for
  • expanded search capabilities and Google map interfaces
  • direct access to more services and helpful tips to search candidates
  • resume searching on 75,000+ current searchable cleared resumes
  • increased exposure and better positioning for online advertisements

The new site leverages social networking tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to benefit security cleared job seekers and employers alike.

As the number one job board for security cleared professionals nationwide, ClearedJobs.Net’s Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Smith was determined to ensure the new site would provide the most resourceful, high-value job searching capabilities for the security cleared community. “Our community of security cleared job seekers look to us for assistance in finding not just a new job but a real-value opportunity with quality employers,” says Smith. “Our new site allows us to better enable thousands of active job seekers by providing them with improved tools and timely, relevant resources to complement and maximize their career searching efforts.”

Despite the excitement surrounding this launch, Smith knows there’s much more work to be done ahead. “Our website will be continuously updated. New releases have already been planned for the immediate future to better meet the needs of job seekers.” According to Smith, post-launch improvements and enhancements is when the real work begins. “We have to be constantly improving to meet the growing needs of our customers — the job seekers — and we are very excited about these opportunities.”

The new site launched Monday, April 13.

About ClearedJobs.Net

ClearedJobs.Net located in Falls Church, Virginia provides services and products to the security cleared community. Founded in 2001, the company supports security cleared professionals in their career searches by producing Cleared Job Fairs, posting on-line security cleared jobs and industry information to assist security cleared job seekers in their career transitions.

Apr 13 2009