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Maximize your Cleared Job Fair return on Investment


Maximize the Return on Your Cleared Job Fair Investment from ClearedJobs.Net

Hiring events are an effective part of a successful cleared recruiting and brand building strategy. But you need to be sure your team is properly prepared to make the most of your investment.

Before the Event

1.     Determine your goals.

Do you want to make on-the-spot offers? Schedule interviews for a later date? Whenever possible we provide a private interview room so in-depth interviews can take place on-the-spot and you can take advantage of the moment. That’s why we encourage you to bring hiring managers, and provide you with an electronic pre-registrant resume file one week before the event.

2.     Organize your branding.

The materials and displays you send to the event need to fit in an 8’ x 10’ booth, along with your staff. Some employers over-banner their booth, and typically one is enough to meet your needs.

Consider having a handout that conveys your unique selling proposition. Maybe you offer better benefits than your competition, a unique corporate culture, a broad range of contracts that allow for growth, etc. You want to be sure that whatever makes you better than your competition stays with candidates of interest.

Giveaways seem to be a race for the next great thing. Just keep in mind usefulness and shelf life, which is the main purpose of a giveaway – to stick around long enough that your brand is imprinted in the job seeker’s mind.

3.     Review the Details Email we send for Logistics.

ClearedJobs.Net sends you two Details Emails with event logistics 16 days prior, and then one week prior to the event. These emails contain comprehensive information about the event that you can share with your team.

4.     Determine who will represent your company.

As you plan for your company’s presence, keep in mind some strategies for success. Always send at least two representatives so your attendees can eat, take a break, and take a moment to relax without leaving your booth unattended.

A mix of recruiters and hiring managers is a good strategy, and you may want to have your reps work in shifts. Be sure not to have too many representatives staffing your booth at one time. Having more than 3-4 company reps in your booth at once leads to a wall of representatives that may be intimidating for candidates. And there’s just not that much room!

5.     Send us your job titles.

Be sure to send your job titles for positions you want to publicize at the event to our Customer Service team, and they will upload them for you. The sooner you share those with us, the more visibility they receive. You can update those job titles as the event nears too. Some employers prefer job or skill categories vs specific positions if the number of positions you have to fill is numerous. That’s okay too.

6.     Prepare your staff to think beyond their specific needs.

Talented candidates may have interest in positions that are not directly handled by the company representatives at the event. You don’t want to lose those folks, so how will you make sure they have a good experience, receive pertinent details, and know whom to follow up with? Don’t miss the opportunity and turn talented candidates away because your representatives are not properly informed beyond their specific and immediate needs.

Your results can vary greatly depending on the talent of the staff attending the event.

7.     Share the word about your event participation.

Use your communication and social media channels to publicize that you’ll be at the event and ready to talk to qualified talent. Help us amplify the message and the event will be a greater success for you.

We promote the event on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, so if you or your team are active on those platforms please spread the word.

8.     Contact Job Seekers before the event.

After we send the pre-registrant file one week prior to the event, we encourage you to contact job seekers of interest and encourage them to attend. That extra touch from you can help determine whether or not they decide to brave the traffic, rain, heat, cold or other obstacles that may make them decide not to come the day of the event.

9.     Take advantage of our offer to set up candidate interviews for you.

We also encourage you to take advantage of our offer to preschedule interviews for your on-site team. Send us up to 5 potential candidates and we’ll do the legwork to try to set up interviews for you.

At the Event

1.     Be welcoming.

Don’t create a wall by having too many representatives in your booth at one time. That can be intimidating.

It’s often better to stand in front of your table vs sitting behind the table in a chair. You’ll be more approachable and active.

Limit cell phone use. It’s amazing how many job seekers will walk right by a booth if the representatives are looking at their phones. Some job seekers are shy or easily intimidated, and they may assume that something very important is happening on that phone, and don’t want to bother or interrupt.

2.     Take breaks and eat.

We offer coffee and snacks throughout all our events, as well as a sit-down buffet meal for your team. Job fairs are taxing and we appreciate that your staff needs a break to rest, network, and enjoy some good food.

3.     Take advantage of the private interview room for the right candidates.

We typically provide a private interview room so your team can take advantage of a more in-depth discussion with high-potential candidates. Utilize this room or other areas at the venue away from the booth whenever possible. That sends a clear message to the candidate that they’re special and of keen interest to you.

Alternatively, be sure that they get to talk to more than one of your company representatives. That also sends a signal of clear interest to a candidate.

4.     “Go to the website and apply.”

Job seekers often misunderstand these words, prompting a common complaint we receive in our job seeker surveys. They think it’s a brush off – and it may be depending on the candidate. But your company brand survives much better in that interaction if you tell them briefly why you’re asking them to apply on the website.

5.     Don’t be offended if they don’t know who you are.

Job fairs can be stressful, company names confusing, memories short. Sure it’s annoying when someone walks up and asks what your company does – remember not all candidates have had the time to research all participating companies, but they may still be an excellent fit for your organization.

6.     Don’t leave early.

Leaving early makes everyone look bad. So although things will slow down at the end of the event, we encourage you to s­­tay, organize your materials, and network with colleagues. That dream candidate you’ve been waiting for all day may show up at the last minute. It does happen.

7.     Give us feedback.

Good, bad, or otherwise we love feedback from you. That’s why we always provide a survey at the end of the event for your team to complete. We can only improve with your input.

After the event

1.     Follow up.

We’ll send you a final resume file the morning after the event and we encourage you to follow up with candidates of interest right away. Don’t let them get away!

2.     Give us even more feedback.

We’ll check in with you a week or so after the event for even more feedback to find out if you’ve provided any offers.

Best Recruiter

At each of our hiring events we ask job seekers to complete a survey and vote for the companies that provide them with the best recruiting experience. The three companies receiving the most votes are honored as Best Recruiters.

Job Seeker Handbook

The Job Seeker Handbook is available online 6 days prior to the event and used to promote your participation and hiring needs. A hard-copy version is printed and provided on-site to each attending job seeker. This is your chance to sell your company to qualified cleared talent, so make the most of the opportunity.

A job fair is a big investment of your recruitment budget and we want you to get the biggest bang for your buck possible. For more information on dates and pricing, please contact our Sales team at 703-871-0037, Option 3, or sales