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Teleport Maintenance Specialist

Tracking Code RRC081 Job Description

Perform as Satellite Communications (SATCOM)for Rome Research Corporation at the Lago Patria site, supporting Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in accordance with contract.

Will be responsible for the overall  operation and maintenance of the Teleport SATCOM C-Band and Ku-Band earth terminals, Ka Band terminal, and MUOS terminals (located in Niscemi, Sicily) and typically consist of:.

  • High Power Amplifier (HPA)
  • Upconverter
  • Downconverter
  • Antenna control unit (ACU)
  • Satellite Beacon Tracking Converter
  • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and LNA Switch
  • Equipment Redundancy Switches
  • Fiber Optics Transmitters, Receivers and Modems

Will also be responsible for the proper operating and maintaining of baseband and other associated equipment to include:

  • Band Efficiency Modems (BEM)
  • MIDAS Switch Systems
  • Promina Multiplexer
  • FCC-100 Multiplexer
  • Cryptographic Equipment
  • Monitor and Control Systems (TMCS)
  • PSAX ATM Switch System

Will be responsible for the implementation of preventive maintenance procedures in accordance with DISA 310-55-9 and the Navy 3M system for the two Vertex RSI 16.4 meter C-band, two Vertex RSI 9.0 meter Ku band, one KaSTAR terminal, two UHF terminals, and three MUOS terminals (located at Niscemi, Sicily) to include antennas and shelters.

Technical responsibilities will involve operations, as well as troubleshooting and repairing the Teleport systems with a goal of sustaining 99.95% uptime rating on this valuable communications system.  Individual must be experienced in the use of test equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, RF Power Meters, and Multimeters.

Maintenance of all equipment will be performed as recommended by the manufacture as based upon best commercial practices when not clearly defined by the manufacturer. Documentation and scheduling of all maintenance activities will be completed in accordance with OPNAV instruction 4790 series.  Additional functions as but not limited to include:

Oversee Operation and Maintenance of Teleport Earth Terminals, baseband equipment, and associated equipment contingent upon receipt of Appendix I called out in the SOW.

Oversee and maintain a system based on commercial standards and performing maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations unless otherwise directed by the U.S. Government or based upon best commercial practices when the manufacturer does not have a maintenance policy.  Individual will maintain compliance with the latest revisions of all DISA circulars and standards.

Strive to ensure and maintain circuit continuity to performance specifications as defined in DISA Circular 310-130-2.

Direct the activation of new circuits when directed by DISA authorized controlling authorities and/or Officer in Charge /Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge NAVSATCOMFAC Lago Patria.

Will ensure all assigned general-purpose electronic test equipment (GPETE), patch and test facilities and supporting equipment provided by the U.S. Government is functioning at peak performance.

Will be responsible to ensure cryptographic, non-cryptographic and all ancillary equipment is operated IAW governing directives

Will assist the controlling authority in testing and fault isolation of circuits as required for maintaining Teleport link continuity.

Will monitor and report all alarm conditions over orderwire circuits via the Station Duty Officer or their designated representative.

Will respond to emergent tasking, within reason, as directed by the Controlling Authority and/or Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).

Will be involved with the securing and maintaining an Italian Ministry of Communications license for all commercially operated earth terminals in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations Title 47- Chapter I Telecommunications – Part 25- Satellite Communications. The government will fund and assist Rome Research Corporation in acquiring the initial earth terminal licenses. Rome Research Corporation will be designated as the license holder. Subsequent license renewals will be completed by Rome Research Corporation, However, since this a firm-fixed price bid and the actual license renewal costs are not known at this time, Rome Research Corporation does reserve the right to adjust our price once those costs are known. Rome Research Corporation will ensure the proper operation of all commercial terminals and will conduct observations, servicing and maintenance as often as may be necessary to ensure proper operation and compliance with Italian Ministry of Communications Licensing requirements.

Will ensure continued compliance with Italian Regulatory requirements with respect to terminal operations, emanations, inter-modulation, frequency usage and land usage agreements established by the Italian Mixed Commission. Should and extra-ordinary costs not currently known become necessary to continue compliance (outside of routine equipment maintenance), Rome Research Corporation reserves the right to adjust our firm-fixed price.

Understands that other provisions of this contract may not be construed in any way to change or diminish in any respect the responsibility of contractors to have and maintain control over the stations licensed to them (including all terminal equipment thereof), or for the proper functioning and operation of those stations (including all terminal equipment thereof) in accordance with the terms of the licenses of commercial terminals.

Will take steps to ensure the Government is protected from potential civil liabilities and from disruptions in service consistent with those protections afforded to Commercial Terminal Operations.

Will assist NAVSATCOMFAC Lago Patria military personnel in isolating and repairing common terminal equipment, which may include both RF and Baseband equipment.

Will utilize Rome Research Corporation to provide on-site instruction to site military personnel and new civilian personnel in the proper operation and maintenance of TELEPORT equipment during their normal work hours.

Will provide administrative support for the tracking and filing of associated documentation related to operation and maintenance, and for assigned equipment and Human Resources requirements for employees under this contract.

Required Skills
  • Must be eligible for and obtain Technical Representative (TR) status for yourself and any legal dependents from the United States Sending State Office at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy.
  • Minimum Education: Associates Degree
  • Minimum Experience: 4 Years experience management experience
  • 8 Years’ experience in communications/electronics if the minimum educational requirements are not met.
  • Must Possess, and maintain a U.S. Secret clearance.
Job Location Washington, District of Columbia, United States Position Type Full-Time/Regular
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Washington, District of Columbia
United States
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