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Technician III (2424) MET


Jacobs is one of the world's largest and mostdiverse providers of full-spectrum technical, professional and constructionservices for industrial, commercial and government organizations globally. The company employs over 74,000 people andoperates in more than 40 countries around the world. For more information,visit

At the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) within Aberdeen Proving Ground,Maryland, Jacobs Technology employees, along with our teammate companies Caelum,SOI, eLe, and Trident ensure the weapons, vehicles, and equipment that the warfighter depends on are safe, effective and reliable.


Works independentlyand directs less experienced personnel to perform a variety of duties relatedto providing quality operations and testing of vehicles and equipment throughall phases of endurance and performance testing. May serve as working leader as assigned bythe supervisor and is considered an expert for providing less experiencedpersonnel technical guidance, on-the-job training, and assistance to meetrequirements. Works independently toperform assignments that are not completely standardized or prescribed or mayreceive initial instructions, equipment requirements, and directives from the testofficer, supervisor, or engineer and directs the actions of nonleaderemployees. Assigns work and providestechnical direction, helps in accomplishing difficult work procedures, observeswork in progress to anticipate and resolved problems, provides guidance toinclude specific job techniques and safety considerations, and inspectscompleted work for quality and consistency. Uses judgment and initiative to evaluate testing requirements todetermine the best possible approach or action to take in non-routinesituations and make recommendations to the test officer or engineer. Interprets, adapts, and enforces guidelines,including unwritten policies, precedents, and practices, that are not alwayscompletely applicable to changing situations. Conducts job site analysis to identify hazards, determines methods tomitigate those hazards, and communicates this information to the test team. Operations are performed at all test areasthroughout ATC and, frequently, in a TDY status at other facilities worldwide.Operations are performed in various weather conditions such as rain, mud, snow,and dust and on a wide variety of surfaces such as gravel, paved, Belgianblock, slopes, and vertical walls. Tasksmay be manual and/or mechanical in nature and support testing combat supportvehicles, equipment systems, and related components. Operations may be performed on wheeledvehicles, tracked vehicles, engineering vehicles, special purpose vehicles,material handling equipment, bridge boats/floating bridges, amphibiousvehicles, etc. Operates tacticalcommunication equipment. Performs and ensuresoperator level maintenance is conducted both in the field and at variousmaintenance facilities. Performs taskssuch as operator level preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) aswell as any other operator level maintenance, in accordance withappropriate/approved test plans, manuals, policies, and regulations. Assists inthe installation of payloads and general walk-around safety inspections oftheir vehicles or equipment. Whileassigned vehicles or equipment are being repaired or serviced, ensuresmechanics are assisted in performing a higher echelon of maintenance asrequired in accordance with appropriate/approved test plans, manuals, policies,and regulations. Records test data ondaily electronic and/or paper driver logs. Works independently and directs less qualified personnel to effectivelyoperate onboard computers, software, and other related technology. Inputs data into vehicle recording systemswhen required, reviews data for technical accuracy, and may perform minimaldata analysis as needed. Worksindependently and/or coordinates efforts to install and/or operate sensitivedata collection instrumentation and vehicle system training simulators/devices,and/or maintains equipment necessary to collect, process, store, or obtain testrelated data in accordance with appropriate test plans, manuals, policies, andregulations. Troubleshoots, diagnoses,and repairs deficiencies in instrumentation when failure occurs in accordancewith appropriate/approved test plans, manuals, policies, and regulations.Performs periodic evaluations of testing and inspects equipment. Identifies,documents, and communicates test related and/or abnormal conditions in anappropriate format and timely manner. Under the direction of more qualified personnel, develops, analyzes, andprovides technical input as required for documentation and reporting. Provides on-the-job training, technicaladvice, and assistance to various Government agencies and peers as required andrecommends appropriate training requirements. Works, coordinates, and collaborates with others in a professionalmanner to accomplish testing, evaluation, operation, and maintenance ofvehicles and equipment. Activelyparticipates to ensure personal safety, team safety, visitor safety, and enduser safety in accordance with policy, standard operating procedures, andlocally identified hazard mitigation requirements.



For Technician III(Mobile Equipment Tester), must possess valid Class A CDL and at least 2 yrs.experience operating, maintaining, and/or testing combat support vehicles,equipment, and associated relevant components or systems in a test andevaluation range, laboratory, or military environment.

5 yrs. applicableexperience; or at least 60 credit hours or an Associate’s Degree and 3 yrs.applicable experience; or 30 credit hours and 4 yrs. applicable experience; orcompletion of a formal training program and 3 yrs. applicable experience; or aBachelor’s Degree and 1 yr. applicable experience.

EssentialFunctions Form:


Vehicles are operatedover such courses as gravel, mud, sand, Belgian block, concrete, frame,twisters, washboard, cross country, marshes, swamps, water courses, slopes andvertical walls. The ability to bend,stoop, squat, crawl, reach above shoulder level, crouch, kneel and climb intoor under a vehicle is required (up to 50%). Walking a minimum of 50 yards overrough terrain is required (up to 25%). The ability to push and pull, as well as lift and carry up to 50 poundsis required (up to 50%).


Work environment maybe inside or outside depending on task. The ability to work in outside field conditions that include hot andcold temperatures and other outdoor climatic conditions is required (up to25%). Must be able to work in areaswhere only portable restroom facilities are available (up to 25%). Work environment may be fast-paced andrequire work under pressure to meet deadlines associated with the completion ofa task. Position will require multipletask efforts. Must be able to work andoperate equipment safely in and around congested shop areas


Operates equipmentranging from 1-100 tons with a variety of different axle configurations, towloaded trailers designed for these vehicles. Also operates forklifts and other material handling equipment along withconstruction equipment. Wheeledcombat/Tactical and non-combat vehicles are also tested. Must have the ability to operate computersystems necessary to support the tests and time card entries. Work may includeworking around moving machinery and equipment.


Attendance iscritical at all times during normal duty hours. Work outside of normal dutyhours, including weekends and holidays, may be required with as little asone-hour advance notice.


Must possess a validclass A CDL. Must be able to obtain aninterim secret security clearance in order to gain access to required areas,networks and systems within thirty (30) days of date of your offer letter. Must further be able to obtain and retain asecret security clearance. Must be able to provide proof of U.S.citizenship. Must be able to obtain andretain unescorted access to work areas. Must also receive a physical examination in accordance with therequirements of ATC. May be subject toother physicals or exams if required to wear a respirator or are designated bythe COR to have other physicals due to the work area in which you areassigned. May be subject to exposure tovibration, extreme temperature changes, noise, and dusts. Must be able to wearpersonal protective equipment as required. Must have a valid driver’s licenseand personal transportation for the purpose of moving around the proving groundto accomplish job functions and in order to operate a rental vehicle if andwhen travel is required. Must be able to obtain and maintain a militarydriver’s license within 30 days of employment.

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Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
United States
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