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T-38C Instructor Pilot (IP) - Contingent upon award

*This posting does not represent a current opening, rather it provides a summary of skills needed for a potential future opportunity.*
Position Description
  • The DynCorp International (DI) T-38C Instructor Pilot (IP) will assist the USAF, Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Undergraduate and Graduate formal aviation training missions by instructing and evaluating USAF and/or Allied T-38C student pilots seeking Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (JSUPT), Graduate, Pilot Instructor Training (PIT) or Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) qualifications in the T-38C Front/Rear Cockpits in basic and advanced flying maneuvers/procedures and tactical mission employment areas to include:
      1. Day/Night/All-Weather Operations
      2. Transition
      3. Contact
      4. Instrument
      5. Basic Navigation (IFR and VFR)
      6. Low-Level Navigation
      7. Single-Ship and Formation Night Operations
      8. 2 and 4-Ship Basic and Tactical Formation
      9. Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) – (1v1 Offensive, Defensive, and High Aspect BFM)
      10. Basic Surface Attack (BSA) – 2-Ship LALD, LAHD Deliveries, Dive Bomb, and Strafe

  • The DI T-38C IP candidates will have piloted DoD fighter or fighter trainer aircraft to accomplish training, combat, and other operational or training missions. DoD Occupational Group: 220100.
  • The DI T-38C IP positions are in support of the USAF and Allied T-38C formal training efforts (JSUPT, PIT, IFF) with oversight by the USAF (AETC), SAF/IA, and AFSAT located on Randolph AFB, TX and the 80FTW located on Shepperd AFB, TX. The DI T-38C IP positions are contingent on Award of Contract.
    • The DI T-38C IP duty performance will be located on Sheppard AFB, TX and the contract IPs will be assigned to the 80FTW. DI T-38C IPs will be supporting the AETC Formal Undergraduate/Graduate flight training programs under the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) organization. The ENJJPT mission and flight training programs are designed to meet two major objectives:
      1. Produce qualified and high quality ENJJPT T-38C graduates that are well versed in basic and advanced T-38C flying and mission employment in support of their respective Air Force’s missions.
      2. Provide training, assistance, mentorship, and leadership training to build a superior officer and pilot. Taken together, the outcome of this formal USAF/ENJJPT T-38C training will lead to an exceptional graduate while enhancing Safety, 4th & 5th Generation employment tasks, Interoperability, and cohesive Coalition Operations.

Principal Accountabilities

Specific DI T-38C IP Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. In addition to HQ AETC, ENJJPT, and 80FTW direction, the contract T-38C IP conducts or supervises training of USAF and Allied T-38C student pilots seeking qualification in the T-38C. Ensures operational readiness of crew by conducting or supervising mission specific training.
    2. Provides direct instruction and demonstrations for USAF and Allied T-38C student pilots in the academic classroom, simulator, and aircraft as directed by AETC, ENJJPT, and the 80FTW.
    3. Unless otherwise required by the AETC/ENJJPT syllabi, the T-38C IP is responsible for Briefing, Execution, and De-Briefing of all T-38C syllabus directed activities.
    4. Plans and prepares for missions. Reviews mission tasking, and weather information. Supervises mission planning, preparation and filing of flight plan, and crew briefing. Ensures aircraft is preflighted, inspected, properly configured, equipped, and manned for the specific mission.
    5. Pilots aircraft and commands crew and or flight members. Operates aircraft controls and equipment. Performs, supervises, or directs navigation, and weapons delivery.
    6. Documents all ENJJPT T-38C student training IAW USAF, AETC, ENJJPT, 80FTW and Allied requirements. Executes current operational, training, and student management plans and policies, monitors operations, and advises DI and 80FTW, ENNJPT, and AETC leadership when shortfalls occur. Assists 80FTW leadership and performs staff functions related to this specialty.
    7. Maintains aircraft and instruction event/task currency and aircraft qualification IAW AFI 11-2XX and AFI-11-2XX and AFI-11-202 series and any AETC or ENJJPT supplements to the AFI

Knowledge and Skills

  • DI T-38C IP Specialty:
  1. Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures, and mission/aircraft tactics, techniques, and procedures, e.g. formation, BFM, BSA, etc.
  2. Education. For entry into this specialty, an undergraduate degree specializing in aviation, education, physical sciences, mathematics, administration, or management is desirable.
  3. Training. For entry into this specialty, successful completion of USAF, USN, USMC or Allied Undergraduate Pilot Training, follow-on MWS Graduate Training, Combat Mission Qualification Training (MQT), resulting in Combat Mission Ready (CMR) status, MWS Instructor Pilot Upgrade or AETC PIT and/or award of USAF AFSC 11F3X or AETC T-38C T11F3Q (IFF IP) or T11K3Y/D (PIT/JSUPT IP) AFSC or ts DoD, Allied equivalent is mandatory.
  4. Experience. Other than previously stated above, DynAviation and AETC, ENJJPT, and 80FTW leadership determines needed proficiency based on previous performance, experience, and completion of minimum training requirements.
  5. Other. The following are required:
    • Must be able to acquire and maintain and OPM/DIA SECRET Security Clearance
    • Award and/or retention of the DoD or Allied Fighter/Instructor Pilot specialty code, recognized Commercial/DoD current aeronautical rating and qualification for aviation service as fighter pilot or fighter trainer instructor pilot. Award of Fighter Specialty code, or certification of aircraft commander, IP, 4-Ship Flight Lead, or Mission Commander Qualification by appropriate governmental operations authority.

Education and Experience

  • Duties will require effective and diplomatic interaction with USAF and Allied officials and their respective staffs and ENJJPT student pilots. Bachelor’s degree or degree from an accredited college in a related discipline, or equivalent experience/combined education, with 9 years of professional experience; or 7 years of professional experience with a related Masters degree; considered an emerging authority and 6 years specific work experience in military flight training and instruction required. Formal DoD or Allied Flight Training School Graduate, Graduate of DoD or Allied Formal Instructor Course, e.g. AETC FTU, AETC PIT, ACC Formal Instructor Pilot Upgrade, or USAF Weapons School. FAA Commercial/Instrument License, MEL, ASEL Rating, FAA Class II Medical Certificate.
  • DI T-38C Flight Time and Experience Minimums:
    1. Flight Currency Status/Minimums:
      1. 2,000 Hours Total Flight Time
      2. 1,000 Hours in Fighter/Fighter Trainer MDS
      3. 500 hours formal course IP experience or;
      4. 3 years Instructor Pilot duties, 4-Ship Flight Lead, Designated Mission Commander in the Combat Air Force or AETC FTU or T-38C PIT/JSUPT missions
      5. 50 Flying Hours - last 12 months
  • Desired skills – Current and qualified T-38C Pilot/IP/11FXX MWS fighter pilot or a former T-38C IP/11FX MWS fighter pilot or AETC T-38C T11K3Y/D (PIT/JSUPT IP) AFSC (PIT/JSUPT IP) AFSC within the previous five (5) years. FAA Certified Flight Instructor and US DoD flight training command experience highly desired. Should be knowledgeable and conversant in USAF and AETC series operations, instructions, safety, standardization, and supervision instructions, as well as USAF and AETC 36-series student management instructions. Additionally, should possess a full understanding of military flight training operations. Military worldwide deployment or previous OCONUS experience is highly desired.

Travel and Physical Requirements / Working Environment and Travel

  • Must meet the flight time and physical requirements to serve as the PIC, IP, Flight Lead, or Mission Commander for designated type of aircraft in accordance with FAA and U.S. Military minimum requirements.
  • Occasionally lifts objects up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to read and interpret newspaper and typewritten print, maps, aeronautical charts, and weather charts.
  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, routinely grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbows/knees and reach above/below shoulders.
  • Travel - Ability to travel domestically and internationally when required
  • Will be exposed to extreme noise from turbine and jet engine aircraft.
  • Will be exposed to fumes, gas, airborne particles, chemical mist, vapors, ultra-violet and infrared radiation.
  • May be exposed to electrical shock hazards or work near moving mechanical parts, vehicles or aircraft.
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Sheppard Af Base, Texas
United States
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