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Counter Threat Finance (CTF) Trainer

METIS is a Small Business providing training and education, intelligence analysis, and program management services to U.S. government and commercial clients around the globe. Our Senior Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, and Operational Specialists have direct, on-the-ground expertise in planning and executing the most critical missions our country and business sectors have faced – with current operations ongoing in the Middle East, South Asia, Afghanistan, Europe, and Africa.

Applicants selected will be subject to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. Top Secret/SCI  clearance is required.


  • Support CTF intelligence analysis and support coordination of SOCOM Operations Directorate CTF activities throughout the SOCOM AOR.
  • Assist DoD with coordinating and managing technical analysis and operational business processes, such as strategic and operational planning, training, operations, and customer support; and establishing repeatable processes to support DoD stakeholders, and supporting the strategic planning necessary to draft, review, revise, and deliver the following documents:
    • Actin Plans. Narrative and/r briefing products that may include the following: 
      • descriptions of strategic, operational, and/or tactical objectives against an adversary's financial network
      • lists of interagency operations, activities, and actions (OAAs) to be pursued to support an objective
      • lists of interagency intelligence analysis activities that may help illuminate an adversary's financial vulnerabilities
      • lists of interagency OAAs that can synchronize with military operations to increase impact against an adversary network.
    • Papers. Narrative products that highlight:
      • an adversary's financial network (e.g., financial assets, methods of storage, processes for financial transfer)
      • the vulnerabilities in an adversary's financial network, and interagency capabilities that can exploit those vulnerabilities.
    • Reports. Narrative and/r briefing products that provide updates to OAAs; describe lessons learned from OAAs; and summarize ongoing OAAs or intelligence analysis support.
    • Target Packages. Combinations of narrative and/or briefing products that may describe a specific target, the significance of the target to the network in which they operate, the target's centers of gravity and vulnerabilities, the effect on the network if the target's activities are disrupted, and community reporting on the target.
  • Assist DoD in supporting the USG with providing key milestone and activity information for strategic planning efforts and tasks, and in providing updates to DoD leadership.
  • Support DoD activities to review and integrate private sector best practices into DoD and USG operations, and to share information among DoD, USG, and private sector partners, as appropriate.
  • Assist DoD with conducting baseline assessments of CTF/Threat Finance Intelligence (TFI) cells and analysis on how to support the cells’ mission goals and program objectives; providing ongoing mission planning and requirements integration; creating the strategic framework and plan for the cell; synchronizing meetings, as required, including the documentation and dissemination of taskings; and coordinating lines of effort.


  • ACTIVE TS/SCI clearance
  • HS Degree with 10 years of specialized experience OR Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of specialized experience (Master’s degree requires at least 5 years of specialized experience)
  • Finance-specific analytical experience dealing with identifying / detecting, targeting, and interdicting threat, terrorist, and/or criminal finance activities, and networks. 
  • Experience shall include CTF, and may include human intelligence and signals reporting, criminal and regulatory investigations, cases for designation, and experience with Bank Secrecy Act reporting mechanisms such as Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR). Also, experience providing support to law enforcement agencies.
  • Be competent in utilizing Specialized Intelligence Analysis tools (i.e., Proton,  KaChing, DataXplorer, and Voltron Suite);
  • Be competent in utilizing Intelligence Report Aggregators/Automated Message Handling System search tools (i.e.,  TAC, RMT, and, NGT Horizon);
  • Be competent in utilizing Intelligence Data Visualization Tools (i.e. Google Earth, Palantir, and, Analyst Notebook, Target Cop);
  • Be proficient in utilizing the Microsoft Office suite applications;
  • Be proficient in utilizing existing and new analytical tools to effectively exploit raw financial data, business registry, and corporate company data
  • Be knowledgeable of interagency threat finance cells;
  • Be skilled at implementing and utilizing best practices, proper tradecraft and determining relevancy of information disseminated against the standards set forth by the USG;
  • Possess experience with reviewing, prioritizing, and managing submitted requests; 
  • Understand interagency restrictions and sensitivities on sharing certain types of data, as well as the steps necessary amongst the interagency to share said data;
  • Understand relevant DoD intelligence and intelligence oversight policies, procedures and requirements
  • Individuals shall be able to show an expert level of skill in working with U.S Government Departments and Agencies (other than DoD) in areas such as policy formulation, acquisition, finance, drug law enforcement, security, policy formulation, and at disrupting and degrading the national security threats posed by drug trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, and threat finance networks reasonably related to illicit drug trafficking activities. In all cases, the specialized knowledge and experience shall directly support the technical requirements of this contract.
  • Shall have a minimum of 5 years of operational experience in Special Operations Forces (SOF) community:
    • Special Operations Forces are defined as those Active and Reserve Component forces of the Services designated by the Secretary of Defense and specifically organized, trained, and equipped to conduct and support special operations (Source: JP 3-05);  
  • Held a SOF military occupational specialty (MOS) code (such as 18-series, Ranger, civil affairs, military information support operations or SEAL identifiers) and served in operational assignment with a SOF unit to count as SOF operational experience, or experience at HQ USSOCOM or a Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC); 
  • Training experience associated with synchronization and collaboration of Interagency CTF activities and DoD CTF and TFI capabilities to collect, process, analyze, and tailor TFI in coordination with interagency partners is required.  This includes understanding preserving evidence, chain of custody, and identifying relevant finance data.  This also includes integrating CTF concepts, principles and methodologies into operational design courses, operational planning efforts, and doctrine.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in training any combination of Interagency Threat Finance, DoD CTF, or TFI capabilities.


METIS Solutions, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Top Secret / SCI
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