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Description Analytical and investigative support at Springfield, VA, and St. Louis, MO. (1 Level IV FTE to support damage assessments at NCE; 7 Level III FTEs to support defensive CI activities at NCE; and 3 Level III FTE’s to support defensive CI activities at NCW)  
Overall Assignment Description:  
Conduct defensive CI activities in support of the NGA mission.   
Note--Level IV FTE’s will conduct damage assessments in addition to other defense CI activities.  These damage assessment duties will require a higher level of CI experience, close coordination with senior NGA leaders and other IC agencies to produce a product for senior IC leadership review.

Minimum Requirements
Duties may include (collective workload of all FTE under Position 5):
Conduct daily research to gather, assimilate, evaluate and interpret information concerning intelligence, terrorism and espionage threats against NGA personnel, programs, technology and information systems and/or facilities and the National System for GEOINT (NSG).
Provide daily CI analyses for distribution to selected parties within NGA, the DoD, and the Intelligence Community. 
Assimilate, evaluate and interpret all-source information related to NGA from an operational security perspective.  
Publish finished intelligence with recommendations for mitigation and countermeasures, as appropriate.
Detect and assess anomalous activities for links to possible foreign intelligence collection within NGA with recommended countermeasures.
Immediately alert the government to imminent foreign intelligence, terrorism and espionage threats with recommended countermeasures.
Provide analytical forecasts of foreign intelligence, terrorism and espionage threats against NGA as requested with recommended countermeasures. 
Provide CI assessments of proposed international agreements involving GEOINT sharing as requested.
Provide annual CI threat analyses of foreign intelligence and terrorism threats to NGA employees assigned to Contiguous United States (CONUS) and Outside Contiguous United States (OCONUS) locations.
Apply knowledge and understanding of most of the applicable analytical tools (Multi-media Message Manager (M3), Palantir, Tripwire Analytic Capability (TAC), ARCSIGHT, RSA Security Analytics, Consular Consolidated Database (CCD), Quantum Leap Intelligence Exchange (QLIX), Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) and Proton) to conduct CI analysis of anomalous activities.
Liaise with Department of Defense (DoD), the Intelligence Community, and appropriate law enforcement entities to remain abreast of current CI trends and issues.
Conduct liaison with NGA components to facilitate information sharing to support NGA CI activities.
Prepare briefs, as requested, related to any or all of the above subject matter for delivery to internal and external audiences at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.
Conduct approximately 25-35 formalized threat briefings per month tailored specifically for NGA travelers’ and their intended foreign destinations and geospatial-related conferences and symposia involving foreign official representation/attendance for purposes of determining foreign intelligence service threats/interest in Agency personnel. 
Conduct approximately 25-35 foreign contact and foreign travel debriefings per month and preparing applicable reports detailing the results and findings to include preparing Intelligence Information Reports.
Provide CI advice and CI expertise in approximately 15-20 CI Risk Assessments per month in support of personnel security and the security clearance adjudication process pursuant to Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 704 requirements. 
Provide CI technical expertise to support vulnerability mitigation efforts.
Provide CI expertise in protecting emerging geospatial and IC technologies and the intelligence acquisition process.
Provide CI support to Research and Technology Protection (RTP) initiatives to include writing approximately eight CI Threat Assessments (CI/TA) per month.
Provide for the seamless integration of CI support to NGA's Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) policies and initiatives to include compliance with ICD 731, 731.1, 731.2, and ICD 503.
Produce approximately 75 Supply Chain Risk Assessment reports per month in support of IC Desk Top Environment (DTE), Joint Program Management Office (JPMO), ICD 731 compliance.
Support and attend IC DTE JPMO Supply Chain Management (SCRM) Working Group, and liaise and coordinate across IC Agencies as appropriate.
Provide IC DTE JPMO advice and expertise in support of CI operations and issues.
Interview NGA personnel and prepare accurate operational reports and summaries from those interviews.
Provide a formal report of findings and recommendations for all unauthorized disclosures involving the known or suspected loss of classified information.
Apply knowledge, experience and understanding to process approximately 10 Intelligence Community items in support of Special Access Programs (SAP).
Apply knowledge and understanding of GEOINT needed to conduct approximately four CI damage assessments involving the loss or unauthorized disclosure of intelligence and the preparation of formal reports of findings and recommendations.
Produce approximately 100 Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs) per year.
Produce CI Notes and CI Minutes for Agency awareness as required.
Work closely with members of the Intelligence Community (National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and Defense Intelligence Agency) to share information, collaborate, draft and finalize community information reviews/damage assessments.
Conduct approximately 5-10 CI inquiries per year.
Process approximately 65-75 agency documents for public release monthly.   
As appropriate, participate in agency and IC directed damage assessment task forces.
Complete assigned tasks and activities within prescribed timelines and to established community standards, directives and instructions.

Skills and Experience:
Level IV CI Officers shall have a minimum of 11 years of CI experience.  Level III CI Officers shall have a minimum of 7 years of CI experience.  
Foundational defensive CI experience (ex. conducting investigations, inquiries, collections, operations, analysis, briefings, debriefings, training and awareness). 
All Level III and Level IV CI Officers must be credentialed graduates of an accredited federal or DoD CI training academy (ex. FBI Academy, etc.).
Possess a Bachelor’s degree in National Intelligence Studies, Law Enforcement, History, Analysis/Research, Journalism, Political Science, Library Science, Engineering, or Mathematics, or related field.  

Desired Requirements
Possess Master’s degree in National Intelligence Studies, Law Enforcement, History, Analysis/Research, Journalism, Political Science, Library Science, Engineering, or Mathematics, or related field.

Company Name:
Security Clearance:
Top Secret / SCI + CI Poly
Multiple Locations
Not Specified
Job Number:

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