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Aviation Life Support Equipment Technician

Job Description:

The Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician inspects, maintains, repairs and overhauls Aircrew Life Support Equipment, personal survival equipment and aircraft installed survival equipment.

Primary Responsibilities
List daily duties and/or specific job responsibilities.
• Maintain Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) such as night vision goggles, flight helmets, survival vests, exposure suits, aviation modular survival systems, aircraft first aid kits and supporting components IAW applicable Technical Manuals, Technical Orders, manufacturer's instructions or Naval Air Publications.
• Fit flight helmets, survival vests and other individual items of equipment to aircrew members, military personnel and civilians participating in flight operations.
• Perform preventative maintenance services and inspections IAW applicable TMs, manufacturer's instructions on all ALSE equipment.
• Troubleshoot, repair, replace, overhaul, test, service, preserve and clean ALSE equipment.
• Train air crew members on the proper use of ALSE equipment.
• Brief aircrews as required on all onboard life support equipment.
• Coordinate with unit supply/medical personnel on the requisition of replacement ALSE equipment as required.
• Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of on-aircraft ALSE equipment.
• Ensure all equipment requiring calibration is scheduled for and receives periodic TMDE calibration.
• Maintain maintenance records on all ALSE equipment, submit equipment for higher level repair through proper channels and ensuring proper disposal of all unserviceable ALSE equipment.
• Orders and maintains a Prescribed Load List (PLL), includes supply of controlled substances and ammunition (incendiary signaling devices).
• Receives, reviews and disseminates a variety of guidelines (technical and administrative publications and reports). Uses guidelines to assist in updating SOPs, checklists, and briefing materials.
• Performs prescribed cleaning, preservation, and operator maintenance of ALSE shop tools and equipment.
• Briefs aircrew, non-aircrew, and civilian personnel in the operation use, and maintenance of ALSE.
• Assists in the on-the-job training of assigned employees. Assists in the evaluation of new modified ALSE as required.
• Fabricates or modifies ALSE for special application or to suite local environmental conditions.
• Attends ALSE courses of instruction on or off post. Participates in ALSE conferences, meetings and briefings.

• Associates Degree in Logistics or a related field from an accredited college/ university with six years of military experience in Aviation Life Support Maintenance; or Military or related civilian equivalent training and eight plus years of experience.
• Demonstrates knowledge of aviation life support systems and associated equipment maintenance.
• Applies knowledge of operating elements, electrical, or electronic principles, and reference materials in performing maintenance and repair tasks.
• Utilizes skill in the use of common test equipment such as ohmmeter, voltmeter, and other electrical and electronic test equipment and using common tools such as drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, soldering irons, and pliers.
• Fluency in the English written and oral language.

Company Name:
Security Clearance:
Top Secret / SCI
El Paso, Texas
United States
Not Specified
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