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Mission Essential is seeking Arabic/Kurdish Consecutive Interpreters who work only in the consecutive mode and are capable of conveying a minimum of one sentence at a time accurately, after hearing it in full, without using notes. With notes the interpreter generally conveys several sentences to a full paragraph at a time. The consecutive interpreter works in informal settings, in conditions similar to those described for the simultaneous interpreter.
Minimum Requirements
In addition, each Consecutive Interpreter shall have the capability to:

Contractors must have a command of the required language(s) in both written and spoken form. 
Linguists must be able to speak and read at the S4/R4 level. Contractors must be able to understand and speak in the required language(s) and able to understand and communicate in a variety of required language(s) dialects.
Language command must be comparable to that of an educated, fluent speaker of the languages.

Public Trust clearance
Must be able to read, write, speak, and listen in Arabic and Kurdish at a 4/4 level

Desired Requirements
Additionally, linguists shall hold one of two backgrounds.

1. Undergraduate Degree: Major Study - the appropriate foreign language(s) from an English-speaking college or university, English from a college or university in the other country, or translating or interpreting where English and the foreign language(s) were prerequisites.
2. Specialized Experience: Two or more years’ experience in translating, interpreting, or other work requiring the use of English and the other language(s); or a combination of work (that required English and the other required languages) and training at the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Service Institute, or comparable training institute.

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Security Clearance:
Public Trust
Not Specified
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