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Job Fair: August 14, 2018

Southwest Research Institute

6220 Culebra

San Antonio, TX 78238

Positions Available

    • Engineer/Research Engineer (Electrical Systems)
    • Research Engineer/Sr. Research Engineer (Electrical Systems)
    • Research Analyst/Research Engineer (Kinetics)
    • Research Engineer/Sr. Research Engineer (Embedded Systems)
    • Engineer/Research Engineer (Applied Power)
    • Analyst/Engineer (Data Science)
    • Principal Engineer/Sr. Research Engineer (Electrical Systems)
    • Sr. Research Analyst (Software Engineering)
    • Research Engineer (RF Design Engineer)
    • Research Engineer/Sr. Research Engineer (Computer Engineering)
    • Research Engineer/Sr. Research Engineer (Systems Engineer)
    • Sr. Research Engineer/Principal Engineer (Signal Technologies)
    • Engineer/Research Engineer (Signal Processing)
    • Engineer/Research Analyst (Machine Learning)
    • Engineer/Research Engineer (Perception Systems Group)
    • Engineer/Research Engineer (Automation and Data Systems)

Innovation in science and technology has been a hallmark of Southwest Research Institute since its earliest days. It’s no exaggeration to say we are committed to advancing science and applying technology to benefit government, industry, and all of humankind. That is our mission. Our multidisciplinary, collaborative approach allows us to successfully solve clients’ most challenging problems.

Our staff is just as committed today as our founder Thomas Baker Slick Jr. was in 1947 when he proposed that the betterment of mankind depends on the use of advanced science and technology. His dream of building an internationally respected institution working in research and development has, I believe, been more than realized.

Today, we are a leader among independent, nonprofit research and development organizations. Our staff of more than 2,600 scientists, engineers, analysts, and support staff members continues to accomplish outstanding fundamental and applied engineering and research for clients from diverse segments of government and industry. And we will continue to strive to be the first choice for clients seeking solutions for their most complex problems. We have 9 different technical divisions specializing in unique technologies and whom also collaborate with one another.  See below for just a few of our areas of expertise:

We apply physical science and engineering to produce sensors, instruments, and hardware that are used worldwide. We have experience in such technical areas as aerospace, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering, power engineering, communications systems, mechanical design, precision machining, computational modeling, signal processing, optics, chemistry, physics, biology, soil science, and geophysics.

We design, develop, and maintain hardware and software systems for the aerospace community, including aircraft and ground support equipment ranging from microcircuits to major subsystems. A variety of platforms, including microprocessor-based and RISC-based systems and other engineering workstations, supports extensive software development.

We design and develop software solutions for tactical and strategic signal processing systems, information exploitation systems, and signal intelligence systems. Our expertise includes developing embedded systems, distributed processing, graphical user interfaces, and databases used for real-time and post-processing analysis.

We develop software for a broad spectrum of industries with an emphasis on integrating solutions, evaluation and process improvement for electronics, hardware and networks. We offer extensive systems and software development with multiple software laboratories serving the automotive, aviation, space, defense and electronics industries to develop custom solutions from small consulting contracts to multimillion dollar development projects.

We provide engineering services in the definition, development, and maintenance of complex systems and equipment for government and industry. Our multidisciplinary teams provide technological solutions for commercial and military problems. Using the state of the art in design aids, laboratory instrumentation, and test equipment, we deliver quality, innovative engineering solutions.