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Job Fair: April 05, 2018

Mission Essential

13880 Dulles Corner Lane, Suite 400

Herndon, Virginia 20171

Positions Available

  • Fort Meade MD
    Multi-Disciplined Language Analyst
    Network Exploitation Analyst
    Target Devt Network Analyst

    Suitland MD
    Network/Targeting Analyst
    Russia Military Forces Analyst
    Linguist/Translator/Collector (Russian)
    Senior (Russian) Linguist Collector
    Senior Analyst Mandarin (Open Source Intel Analyst)
    Senior Analyst Russian (Open Source Intel Analyst)
    Software/Web Dev

    Bethesda MD
    Sr CI and Insider Threat Support Spec

    College Park MD
    Sr CI and Insider Threat Support Spec

    Springfield VA
    CI Cyber Threat Analysis
    CI Digital Forensics Examiner
    CI Prod Tech Editor
    CI Prod Tech Editor

    McLean VA
    Policy Expert

    DC Metro
    AF/PAK All-Source Intel Analyst
    All-Source Intel Analyst
    AMRC Team Lead
    APRC Team Lead
    CT Intel Analyst
    EERC Team Lead
    MARC Team Lead

    Fort Gordon GA
    Active Geolocation Sr Mentor
    Passive Geolocation Sr Mentor
    Target Analyst Reporter
    Geo-Location Operator

    Honolulu HI
    Target Dev Network Analyst
    Multi-Disciplined Language Analyst
    Network Exploitation Analyst

    Sr Infrastructure Analyst
    SIGINT Analysis Support
    DCGS Analysis and Reporting Team
    GEOINT Training and Advisory Support

    Molesworth UK
    Aegean/Levant All Source Intel Analyst
    Social Media Analyst
    Social Scientist
    Socio-Cultural Analyst
    SIGINT Analyst
    Balkans All Source Analyst
    Counter-Terrorism All Source Analyst
    CI Analyst
    Europe All Source Intel Analyst
    Geospatial Analyst
    Russia/Eurasia All Source Intel Analyst
    Sr Intel Plans Support Analyst
    Sr Social Network Analyst

    Multiple Locations
    Logistics Asset Mgmt Support (Personal Property and Equip SME)
    Sr CI and Insider Threat Support Spec
    Sr Cyber Cl Analyst
    Sr SCRM Analyst
    Sr-Level Program Analyst
    Sr-Level Watch Officer

    All-Source Intelligence Analyst
    All-Source Intelligence Analyst – Multiple Regions
    Counter-Terrorism All-Source Analyst
    SIGINT Analyst
    DCGS Analyst
    Middle East & Africa Regional Center Team Lead
    JOIO Senior Mentor
    Target Analyst Reporter
    TSCM Lead
    TSCM/Cyber Technical Analyst
    TSCM/IPMS Technician
    TSCM/TEMPEST Specialist
    CI Cyber Threats Analyst
    CI Digital Forensics Examiner
    CI Officer
    CI Production Technical Editor


Mission Essential


Mission Essential Personnel, LLC is a veteran owned and operated partner to the Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement communities. We have deployed thousands of analysts, operators, linguists and other specialists worldwide to support and serve alongside the U.S. Warfighter in some of the most austere and remote locations around the world. Mission Essential is your trusted source for comprehensive multi-disciplined Intelligence operations, Language and Socio-Cultural services, ISR, and Cyber.

We deliver tailored solutions in Intelligence Analysis and Operations to U.S. Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement customers around the world. We provide All-Source, SIGINT, CI/HUMINT, GEOINT, and OSINT professionals who enable mission success at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

WHO WE ARE: Peerless talent using the most advanced technology to deliver mission essential, innovative solutions.

WHO WE SERVE: Defense, diplomatic, intelligence community, and law enforcement customers, as well as multinationals and friendly foreign governments.

HOW WE DO IT: Leverage top talent and a constellation of extraordinary partners.  Low overhead, a flat organizational structure, a collaborative culture of crisp, real-time decision making and action to deliver the plan.  Demonstrate unrivaled agility and efficiency by overcoming the obstacles that encumber large complex organizations.  Provide clarity, certainty, urgency, and efficiency.

EXPERIENCE: For over a decade, we have served customers at the strategic and tactical levels, providing operational solutions to the U.S. Departments of Defense, State, and Homeland Security; the Intelligence Community; friendly foreign governments; and multinational corporations.