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Job Fair: February 01, 2018

Hexagon US Federal

Huntsville, Alabama 35824

Positions Available

  • Program Manager (Key)

    Chief Engineer (Key)

    Information Systems Support Lead (Key)

    Operations & Support Lead (Key)

    Business Systems / Program Analyst - Junior

    Business Systems / Program Analyst - Mid

    Business Systems / Program Analyst - Senior

    Computer Scientist - Junior

    Computer Scientist - Mid

    Computer Scientist - Senior

    Configuration Management Specialist - Junior

    Configuration Management Specialist - Mid

    Configuration Management Specialist - Senior

    Database Administrator / Specialist - Junior

    Database Administrator / Specialist - Mid

    Database Administrator / Specialist - Senior

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Analyst - Master

    ERP Business/Architectural Specialist - Master

    Financial Analyst - Senior

    Information Specialist - Mid

    Cyber Security Engr - Mid

    Cyber Security Engr - Senior

    Project Manager - Mid

    Subject Matter Expert - Mid

    Subject Matter Expert - Senior

    Systems Engineer - Junior

    Systems Engineer - Mid

    Systems Engineer - Senior

    Training Specialist - Junior

    Training Specialist - Mid

    System Administrator - Junior

    System Administrator - Mid

    System Administrator - Senior

    Data Analyst -  Junior

    Data Analyst - Mid

    Data Analyst - Senior

    Computer Systems/Network Integration Engineer - Junior

    Computer Systems/Network Integration Engineer - Mid

    Computer Systems/Network Integration Engineer - Senior

    Business Process Reingineer - Mid

    Business Process Reingineer - Senior

    Administrative Specialist - Junior

    Administrative Specialist - Mid

    Administrative Specialist - Senior

    Documentation Specialist - Junior

    Documentation Specialist - Mid

    Documentation Specialist - Senior

    Network Engineer - Junior

    Network Engineer - Mid

    Network Engineer - Senior

    Functional Analyst - Mid

    Functional Analyst - Senior

    Information Center/Help Desk Coordinator - Junior

    Information Center/Help Desk Coordinator - Mid

    Information Center/Help Desk Manager - Senior

    Training Specialist Instructor - Junior

    Training Specialist Instructor - Mid

    Training Specialist Instructor - Senior

    Curriculum Developer - Junior

    Curriculum Developer - Mid

    Curriculum Development Manager - Senior

    Curriculum Developer - Senior

    Test Engineer - Junior

    Test Engineer - Mid

    Test Engineer - Senior

    Computer Programmer - Junior

    Computer Programmer - Mid

    Computer Programmer - Senior

    Logistics Specialist - Junior

    Logistics Specialist - Mid

    Logistics Specialist - Senior

    Network Administrator - Junior

    Network Administrator - Mid

    Network Administrator - Senior

    Software Engineer - Mid

    Software Engineer - Senior

    Technical Writer - Junior

    Technical Writer - Mid

    Technical Writer - Senior

    Technical Editor - Junior

    Technical Editor - Mid

    Technical Editor - Senior

Hexagon US Federal, formerly Intergraph Government Solutions, has served the United States government for more than four decades. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Hexagon US Federal draws from this solid engineering heritage and open standards architecture to provide a variety of geospatially powered solutions to the U.S. government and defense, intelligence, and security agencies. Our wide-ranging solution offerings include anti-terrorism and force protection, enterprise information management, maintenance and installation management, cyber and border security, geospatial intelligence production and exploitation, motion video exploitation and more.

Our integrated solutions and services help our customers secure assets, manage critical enterprise information, analyze and fuse geospatial intelligence, manage weapon support systems, mitigate security threats, and make fast, effective operational and emergency decisions. We work closely with you to deliver actionable intelligence to facilitate situational awareness and mission success.