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Job Fair: June 05, 2019

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

245 Murray Lane SW

Arlington, VA 20598-0380

Positions Available

  • CISA is currently recruiting cybersecurity professionals for all career levels (entry level/journeyman/mid-career/senior level) in many cyber specialty areas such as:

    • Cyber Incident Response
    • Digital Forensics and Forensics Analysis
    • Cyber Risk and Strategic Analysis
    • Cyber Policy and Strategic Planning
    • Cyber Data Analysis
    • Vulnerability Detection and Assessment
    • Threat/Warning Analysis
    • Intelligence and Investigation
    • Networks and Systems Engineering
    • Systems Security Analysis
    • Software and Systems Development
    • Cyber Instructional Curriculum Development

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the Nation’s risk advisor, working with partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborating to build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

The threats we face—digital and physical, man-made, technological, and natural—are more complex, and the threat actors more diverse, than at any point in our history. CISA is at the heart of mobilizing a collective defense as we lead the Nation’s efforts to understand and manage risk to our critical infrastructure.

Our partners in this mission span the public and private sectors. Programs and services we provide are driven by our comprehensive understanding of the risk environment and the corresponding needs identified by our stakeholders. We seek to help organizations better manage risk and increase resilience using all available resources, whether provided by the Federal Government, commercial vendors, or their own capabilities.