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Job Fair: June 05, 2019

Quantum Research International, Inc

991 Discovery Drive

Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Positions Available

  • Please check back the week prior to the Cyber Job Fair to see the positions we are seeking to fill.

Quantum Research International, Inc., founded in 1987 in Huntsville, AL, is an independently owned small business that provides multi-disciplined technical support as a prime contractor and valued team member, including concept development and planning; research and analysis; full-service engineering; and information technology products, services and solutions to U.S. Armed Forces, Federal Government, and industry customers. 

Areas of Expertise:
•Force Modernization and Transformation
•Homeland Security Interoperability Solutions
•Training and Experimentation Support
•Logistics and Field Support
•Cyber Security / Information Operations and Intelligence Programs Support
•Test and Evaluation
•Survivability Analysis and Assessment
•Space Systems Integration and Space Operations / Control
•Ballistic Missile Defense, Air Defense / Field Artillery, and Aviation Systems Support
•Programmatics, Quality and Leadership Services
•Enterprise Architecture Development and Analysis
•Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
•Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance
As a services-based company, our employees are our livelihood and strength. We take great pride in a staff of over 400 employees and consultants comprised of highly qualified military specialists, trainers, social scientists, engineers, systems analysts, technical specialists, military writers and business professionals with educational degrees and experience appropriate to their chosen profession. Our staff is particularly proficient in developing operational concepts and requirements and translating combat developer requirements (user language) into materiel developer requirements (engineering language). Our engineers, analysts, and technical specialists include retired general officers, officers, senior non-commissioned officers, and civil servants with extensive backgrounds in military tactics, techniques, and procedures; force modernization; test and evaluation; systems analysis; cyber/information operations; modeling and simulation; and operations. Many of our prior military personnel have first-hand combat experience, giving them a deep appreciation of the Warfighter's needs as well as the survivability, vulnerability and lethality of soldiers and weapons systems. Using multi-disciplined teams, our staff is capable of addressing highly technical issues in numerous engineering disciplines and easily relaying studies and findings into responsive operational and combat performance measures.