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Job Fair: May 21, 2019


8335 Guilford Rd Suite C

Columbia, Maryland 21046

Positions Available

  • Systems Engineer (all levels)
    Software Engineer (all levels)
    SIGINT Analyst
    Hardware Engineer
    Acquisition Professional
    Test Engineer
    Database Engineer
    System Administators

Compliance Leaders in the IC

TMAC was founded in 2008 as a people-focused organization. As a prime contractor, TMAC provides subject matter expertise in support of the Intelligence Community (IC). Our team continues to be a recognized leader in legal and policy compliance with a focus in personal data privacy protection. TMAC partners with other IC-focused companies to bring to bear superior professional system, software and compliance support to tackle unique challenges posed by the US Government. TMAC is uniquely poised at the forefront of the compliance planning, development and integration of Cloud technologies throughout the IC.

TMAC incorporates leading-edge technologies in providing premier professional services to ensure the success and vitality of the compliance programs across the IC, the US Government and commercial organizations struggling with implementation options to meet the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At TMAC, we recognize each individual’s intrinsic value to our mission in support of our customers. Our team vows to conduct ourselves ethically for and with our teammates, to reward extraordinary contributions, and to embrace the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness.

Company Culture

To bolster our success and that of our employees, TMAC embraces a business philosophy and culture focused on mutual respect and common values, which drives TMAC’s growth and opportunities.  Our people-oriented culture is rooted on TMAC’s providing a professional, structured and rewarding environment that encourages personal and professional growth.  TMAC’s dedication to our employees’ overall welfare underpins our company policies, corporate organizational structure and an exceptional employee benefits package.   Our policies outline our dedication to ethical and professional conduct; TMAC’s organizational structure enables personal and professional grown; and, our benefits package provides security for our employees and their families.

TMAC’s Commitment to our employees:
  • To treat each member of TMAC as a member of our family
  • To provide challenging opportunities for our employees’ success
  • To maintain an optimal work environment for our employees
  • To listen to our employees’ ideas and contributions
  • To provide dedicated mentorship to support our employees’ growth
What TMAC values in its employees:
  • Sharing of a common view of the company’s vision, mission, and goals
  • A positive team-oriented attitude and dedication to team success
  • A passion for enhancing oneself and the customer’s mission
  • Respect and compassion for self and others