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Job Fair: May 21, 2019


7055 Samuel Morse Drive

Columbia, Maryland 21046

Positions Available

  • CI Poly | FS Poly
    All Source Analyst
    Cyber Intel Support Analyst
    Digital Network Intelligence Analyst
    Network and Threat Support Specialist
    Operational Language Analyst
    Target Analyst Reporter
    Target Digital Network Analyst
    CNO Planning Support Specialist
    Multi-Source Support Specialist
    Cloud Software Engineer
    Cloud Software Administrator

    FS Poly
    Network Engineer
    Help Desk Specialist I
    Help Desk Specialist II
    Software Engineer
    Systems Analyst/Software Architect
    Systems Administrator
    Linux Systems Admin
    Systems Network Administrator

Federal Data Systems (FEDDATA) has provided information technology services to commercial and Government markets since 2004. We specialize in the design, implementation and monitoring of automated systems with a corporate emphasis on data security, incident response, continuity of operations, and information assurance. FEDDATA engineers work with our clients to keep their data secure using hardware and software solutions including storage area networks, secure backup sites, automated data replication hardware and software, and network and data monitoring tools. FEDDATA makes full use of new technologies including cloud computing, virtual computing and Internet based tools to provide the most secure, cost-effective solutions that are technologically feasible to protect our client’s data. The company’s customers are primarily Government Agencies, Bureaus and Commissions located in Northern Virginia and Maryland.