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Job Fair: January 31, 2019

The MASY Group

6214 Old Franconia Rd

Alexandria, Virginia 22310

Positions Available

  • Knowledge Manager

    OSINT Analyst (Hawaii)

    Foreign Disclosure Instructor

    Senior ISD




We are a global provider of high impact National Security, intelligence, and private sector capital management solutions. Around the world and in close partnership with our clients, we leverage our international expertise to solve complex organizational, management and operational challenges. At any given time, MASY Team members are working to develop effective strategies tailored to ensure our clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

Our portfolio of consulting services includes leadership management, organizational performance, cultural competency, data exploitation, emerging markets risk mitigation strategies, professional development education and training, and cyber solutions.

Throughout, our single aim is to ensure we achieve sound and measurable results we can be proud of.


To effectively address and solve our client’s emerging and most complex management, organizational, and operational challenges.