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Job Fair: October 27, 2018

Altus Consulting Corporation

38699 Old Wheatland Rd

Waterford, Virginia 20197

Positions Available



We do all that we can to offer our staff everything that lends to an enjoyable and gratifying career. Not by a benchmark of comparison to other consulting firms in the community, but by the standards of how Altus management would expect to be treated by an employer. We make this promise: we have very high standards.

With a concentrated effort on employee satisfaction, Altus aims to ensure the highest rate of employee retention. Retention is essential to our customers, allowing our highly skilled consultants to remain in their position for the long-term, avoiding recurring position turnover and the accompanying ramp-up time and retraining costs.

We believe we have created a dynamic and rewarding IT consulting firm, and we are proud to be able to create this win-win situation for all parties involved.