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Tenax Aerospace

Tenax Aerospace, LLC (Tenax) is a privately held, small business that leases special mission aircraft to U.S. Government customers as well as to privately owned commercial businesses.  Since 2001, Tenax has leased specially modified fixed and rotary wing aircraft for demanding missions within the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Justice, Department of Agriculture, and within the Intelligence Community.  Since then, Tenax has expanded its operations to include executive lift leasing to private companies for charter use.  Tenax is a small business headquartered in Madison, Mississippi.

With diverse aviation and business backgrounds, our leadership team is highlighted by extensive experience in Government and defense aviation operations, aircraft leasing, systems engineering and integration, training, and project management. Our Board of Directors includes former high-ranking Government officials who provide concise insight into government procurement strategies. Members include: General Charles Holland, Former US Air Force SOCOM Commander; John Young, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions Technology and Logistics; and General Michael Hayden, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Administration.

A major component of Tenax’s competitive strength is exceptional financial stability.  Our resource capability to rapidly purchase and modify aircraft to meet immediate customer demands is the most responsive in the industry.  Extremely competitive pricing positions have earned Tenax multiple contract follow-on and sole-source awards.  Tenax is able to deliver mission specific aircraft price competitive with qualified and experienced vendors.  Tenax is not aircraft type/model/series specific and will lease any aircraft that meets a customer’s specific needs.

The pillars of the Tenax business model are:

Quality – Aviation quality and safety are the two most important aspects of any aviation requirement. Tenax embraces aviation quality and safety as a unified approach and this approach is reflected in the aircraft we provide. During the past 14 years Tenax has never been responsible for a Safety of Flight issue on any aircraft we lease and/or maintain. Tenax will provide its customers with quality aircraft without exception.

Cost Control – As a privately held company, Tenax understands the importance of financial efficiencies and cost control. We maintain accurate invoices of all expenditures and continually evaluate new techniques to reduce cost without sacrificing quality and safety. Since 2001, we have reduced operational, maintenance and material cost by being directly involved with our customers and the support vendors involved with each contract. By reducing our costs, we can pass the savings to our customers. Our staff continually challenge invoices to ensure Tenax, and our aircraft-leasing customers, receive the most efficient approach to each purchase.

Timeliness of Performance – Tenax understands the critical nature of our customer’s missions and the need for different types based on changing program requirements. Our experience providing flexible and responsive support for our current aircraft leases has provided us the knowledge to ensure our customers receive the desired aircraft required to meet all mission needs, on time and within budget.

Business Relations – As a wholly owned aircraft leasing company we have eliminated the bureaucracy, excess overhead, and communication barriers that plague many corporations. Our customer first management approach ensures every Tenax clients have the authority to contact any member of the Tenax leadership team at any time, ensuring prompt resolution to all concerns.  We approach every opportunity as a unified team with the understanding that our success is based on the success of our customer’s mission.

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