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Systematic Management Services


We Are Systematic Management Services, Inc.

Since the company was founded in 1979, Systematic Management Services, Inc. (SMS) has continued to evolve to meet each new challenge facing the world. We have taken on new roles within the government and new services to prepare our nation’s security organizations for what is yet to come. Starting initially as a program management and administrative services company, by looking towards the future, SMS has evolved over the years to incorporate environmental analysis and remediation services in the late 80’s, and security and emergency management services following the events of 9/11. Now, as the world becomes more interconnected with mobile devices and cloud computing, and with the rise of insider threats such as Edward Snowden; SMS has evolved again to provide our clients with counterintelligence and cyber security solutions.

Our continued success comes from two areas: the excellent performance of our Top Secret cleared staff who are made up of the cream-of-the-crop of various federal intelligence agencies, and are experts in their fields; and SMS’ corporate management policies, which allow us to quickly and effectively recruit and maintain our staff, and provide solutions to our clients to keep contracts on-time and under budget. SMS’ employee-centered policies have allowed us to enjoy an enviable track record for employee retention.

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