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S2 Analytical Solutions


S2 Analytical Solutions was founded in March 2011 with one employee, one contract, and one customer. By attracting and delivering the top talent in the market and continually exceeding customer expectations, the company grew to 20 employees within two years. Since then, S2 has doubled in size every two years and now is comprised of a significant employee base in the Washington Metro and Greater St. Louis Areas.


S2’s mission is to apply insight, expertise, and structured analysis to establish, enable, and ensure our client’s vision. Within this partnership, S2 advisors and analysts serve our clients in alignment with S2’s Core Values:

Family First — Mission Always. We recognize that a work-life balance increases morale and productivity and have ensured that our benefits and policies enable this.

Serve the Community. S2 gives back – we generously donate to charities through direct contributions, matching of employee contributions, and sponsoring events.

Support a Climate of Trust and Transparency. S2 is committed to following the highest legal and ethical standards in all of our business dealings and committing them to action. By enacting our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics of promoting honest, ethical and lawful conduct by all, the company and its employees will demonstrate its integrity to all of our customers, business partners and to each other.

Deliver the Mission. We hold all staff to these basic tenets of accountability:

  • If you agree to a deadline, meet the deadline.
  • Be responsible, hold your teammates responsible.
  • Provide solutions, not problems.
  • Teamwork highly valued – no cowboys, no egos!
  • Take on hard challenges and jobs.

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