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We are a software product company and creators of AppSymphony, an innovative platform for building analytics to find meaning in big data.

Optensity was founded in 2010 to address the founders’ frustration with the acquisition mindset surrounding big data, namely that big data required big systems development to exploit it. We envision a world where users and analysts own their data and can easily experiment with it to develop new insights. Easy and cheap availability of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) made this dream a reality; we launched our flagship product, AppSymphony, in Fall 2011.

Optensity is changing the way commercial companies and government agencies build, deploy, and use analytics in a variety of domains including intelligence and surveillance, cyber, finance, energy and infrastructure management.

Our AppSymphony platform helps our customers leverage existing applications as well as collaborate and create new ones, seamlessly scaling out to cloud environments as needed. By leveraging the power of AppSymphony, users can build new analytic Apps in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Using AppSymphony, Optensity’s clients have built analytic Apps that are already satisfying today’s needs while their competitors are waiting for traditional software development cycles to complete (usually behind schedule). The AppSymphony platform allows analysts and subject matter experts to exploit the power of Big Data across new processing paradigms, including Hadoop Map/Reduce, without requiring them to be experts in big data software development.

In addition to AppSymphony, Optensity has developed >rapid response™ as a splunk plug-in app that allows users to easily compose powerful custom alert actions in minutes – without scripting or coding. It seamlessly extends splunk’s native alert mechanism, allowing you to orchestrate system-wide real time response strategies for your operations.

Optensity envisions a world where analysts can rapidly capture their own information exploitation techniques, processes, and strategies as Apps that transparently execute across a scalable infrastructure.


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