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InfoTek Corporation

InfoTeK is a highly innovative and evolving provider of tech solutions, products and services. Every decision we make has consequences and as a company we have a responsibility to provide our clients with the best. Our leadership is diligent in their search for professionals of varying skill sets in order to bring a dynamic solution to our customers and partners. At InfoTek we employ individuals with a broad knowledge base in information technology, security, engineering and professional services. Although skill set is important, we also value and seek individuals whose character and determination align with the companies mission. We provide an open, flexible environment allowing our employees to be actively involved in the success and growth of the company as we work together toward a common goal - the delivery of our client's success.

Here you will find a team of passionate professionals who enjoy their work, and have found careers, not just jobs. Management takes a vested interest in the career of every person within our company, with a strong focus on the work-life balance of each individual working with InfoTeK. Our benefits, training and partnerships allow our employees to stay at the forefront. We are eager to see what you have to offer!.

InfoTeK Corporation is pleased to announce that we have been selected for the second year in a row as one of the top 100 places to work! At ITK we take great pride in our employees and the work environment that we provide. We are honored to be in such an elite group of businesses.

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