is proud to present over 5,000
security cleared job seekers votes for this year's
About this Program
During each of the Cleared Job Fairs held throughout 2012, participating security cleared job seekers were given the opportunity to vote for the nation's top recruiting experience from a pool of employers and defense contractors seeking professionals with active security clearances.

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Over 5,000 job seekers in the security cleared marketplace have since selected 73 recruiters from government contractor companies as the best in the industry nationwide.

Guest speaker
We are pleased to have back with us, Gerry Crispin, Chief Navigator, CareerXroads.
Gerry is a key visionary and spokesperson within the recruiting community. Gerry is also a Board Member of the Talent Board which has created The Candidate Experience Awards to evaluate and reward companies on the best practices on keeping the candidate experience a key part of the recruiting process.
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Event details

November 15th, 2012
Windows Over Washington
DoubleTree Hotel
Crystal City, VA

Best Recruiters 2012
Ball Aerospace
Suzanne Delchamps
Jace Gardner
Craig Falci
BAE Systems
Kat Runion
General Dynamics IT
Sarah Knapp
Robert Cellich
Tim Strike
Peter Alcantara
David Mascis
Robert Gilmore
Eric Stringer
Sedrick Franklin
Dee Dunn
JD Williams
Katreece Robinson
Melissa Zupovitz
Cheryl Holder
Steve Bush
Neil Gillman
Ali Rahmani
Kimberly Baggerly
Mike Michaelis
Barbara Owsley
Michele Jones
Gerry Bohannon
Layth Seyala
Jennifer Rubin
Chris Griesbach
Teresa Clark
Darius Holston
Joan Runnion
Dawn Huffman
Fernando Caballero
John Sayre
Joanie Seeger
Diana Kalinski
Mike Symonowicz
John Garrett
Tracy Kobren
Mary Pat Martin
Keion Reynolds
Rob Stout
Celinda Appleby
Lance Little
Larry Dale
Michael Flowers
Karen Krechman
Lolita Hill
Tommy Baskin
Shelly Zaback
Sean Graham
Tiffany Amos
Dan Mangino
Marc Parisi
Jason Golden
Jessica Bourland
May Sebastian
Engility Corporation
Jaclyn Magliocca
Jennifer Rubin
Amy Zupovitz
Heather Giangiulio
Bill Lewis
Mohamed Ali
Michelle Rodriguez
Ahmed Abdel-Rasoul
Lockheed Martin
Linda Avers
Lula Beyene
Sheryl Harrison
Sausan Jaraisi
Matthew Dillinger
Wendy Jackson
Vanessa Elam
MetroStar Systems
Jonathan Lamb
Jonathan Kangarloo
Shai Segall
Theresa Kattula
Frank Sailer
Minerva Engineering
Roy Graves
Jenny Hays
Mission Essential Personnel
Daniel Kwon
Gina Moscorelli
Northrop Grumman
Michael Thornton
Mario Dean
Carol Cleary
Kate Melvin
Colleen Stryker
Brett W. Estey
Garret Brown
Michele Neiman
Denise Slayman
Stephanie DaSilva
Dan Swanson
Sean Williams
Hillary Zelnick
Ann Kohudic
Curtice Wink
Christine Lapera
Laveta Burke
Bill Connor
David Bermingham
Standard Technology
Carrie Stringer
John Lanier
Erica Williams
Linda Brandon
Rod Foster
Andie Borcz
William Watson
Tim Sennott
Jerry Bradley
Anna Rupert
Steven Pagett
V-Tech Solutions
Lynna Hall
Dyane Holt
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