Job Detail


Material Handler

Job Description

Receive, route, and move parts, assemblies, components, and other materials into and out of industrial shops. Examine items received to verify stock numbers, part numbers, identities, correct quantities, condition, and destination. When routing documents are missing or item is questionable, notifies appropriate source for correction.Identify and initiate action for correction of discrepancies such as wrong material, shortages, overages, and documentation errors. Attempt to locate missing items, initiating requests for replacement parts, as appropriate. Locate critical items in shops and arranges with schedulers and supervisors to advance processing and production time frames.Determine appropriate handling methods and devices needed to move items and prepares and processes any necessary paperwork. Provides absolute control and protection for pilferable and classified material. Follow-up on material within a shop or between shops to expedite movement of critical items to meet production time frames.Perform material handling on a wide variety of supply items received from Department of Defense and Contractor activities. Makes final determinations as to the acceptability of these items either for receipt or shipment. Comprehend and apply terms of contracts, regulations, directives, policy statements and similar guides.Determine identity by comparing physical characteristics of items with descriptions and specifications found in stock catalogs, technical orders, commercial catalogs and items description on contracts. Initiates action and participates in processing receiving reports, Report of Discrepancies, claims and surveys, when required.Select parts and materials to be turned into Supply. Obtain necessary information and prepares documents. Stores items in a holding area until they can be routed to proper destination.Load and unload material on pallets, trucks, handcarts, and dollies. Inventories items, which may include the use of formal, informal, item-by-item, or group inventory methods. Responsible for the warehousing functions, which require a knowledge of various documents and mechanized systems, codes and their intended purposes, as well as the ability to use and interpret stock lists, catalogs, and technical publications. Unload incoming shipments, scans bar codes, or keys receipt information into an automated record system. Group items together based on receiving voucher information and segregates items according to such factors as condition and type of transaction. Build pallet loads to facilitate storage and transports materials to storage areas. Select new locations, as required, and note such locations on documents. Store incoming material that involves placing stock to ensure proper protection of material, best utilization of space and accessibility. Selects material from stock to fill requisitions and replenish bins. Assemble material into kits, packages, lots and units, when required. Follow prescribed procedures for safeguarding, storage, handling, and accounting for item and material designated as classified, restricted, special project, or high priority. Re-warehouse material, as required. Operate electric, LPG, or diesel-powered fork lift trucks capable of lifting loads weighing less than 10,000 pounds, as high as 168 inches. Drives one or more types of trucks, such as pickup, panel, and flatbed trucks, which typically have a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less, on public roads at highway speeds. Use plans, blueprints, drawings to select, measure, cut, form, and fabricate wooden containers and platforms. Repair containers as required during receipt and COSIS processes.Provide packing, set assembly and shipping support duties as required. Operate MHE as assigned and hold appropriate license.Qualified candidates must apply online to be considered for a position. For further assistance please call 1-877-532-7462.


Herlong, CA is approximately 50-miles north of Reno, NV.A criminal background check to obtain access to the military installation is required. A valid and current driver's license is required. A high school diploma/GED and the following experience are required. Must be a U.S. Citizen.Must be able to speak, read and understand English.Minimum one year general experience.When assigned as a Wood Worker, a minimum of one-year specific experience using wood shop tools, fabricating containers, or framing construction. Ability to read blueprints, measure fabrication materials, identify various materials for construction of wood containers; use saws, planers, sanders, drills, etc.Must have demonstrated skill to assemble or fabricate wooden containers, mount out boxes, stands, chests, skids and platforms. Per Diem will be paid to those that qualify for 30 work days at a rate of $69.30 per day = $2,079.URS maintains a drug-free workplace and pre-employment drug screening will be completed.