Job Detail


Technical Writer

Job Description

Position will involve the planning, designing, writing, editing, proofreading and finalizing documents, technical manuals, orders, specifications, modification work orders, and test plans, procedures and results. Primary responsibilities include:1.Interface with technical professionals in the writing, editing, and publication of various types of documents such as specifications, manuals, reports, plans, training material and presentations.2.Research a variety of assigned topics and develop writing plans and outlines.3.Assist in the development of supporting materials (illustrations, tables, etc.).4.Track and monitor flow of all documents from inception to distribution of final copies. Identifies and correct problem areas as they arise.5.Provide quality assurance check for all document deliverables.6.Participate regularly in department and company-wide proposal writing projects. May serve as proposal coordinator for large production efforts.7.Utilize appropriate computer software for document test production. Investigates and implement best ways to product documentation electronically.8.Provide technical writing/editing support to other Company contracts when workloads permit.9.Establish and maintain electronic and/or hardcopy data library of documents and work order files for documents received for processing.10.Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.11.Interpret engineering and maintenance drawings, operational procedures and also have the ability to provide guidance on how to change these documents to reflect changes in the system during an overhaul process.12.Maintain document records in the Integrated Product Data Management (iPDM), both un-classified and secret, and SharePoint systems for Configuration Management13.Experience in production control and ability to develop system level test plans is desirable.


Bachelors degree and six (6) years of experience in writing, editing and managing technical documentation and operator/maintenance manuals for military systems and equipments. Knowledge of applicable military standards, specifications and test practices is required. Must be able to conceptualize, format, structure, write, edit and finalize technical manuals, orders, specifications, modification work orders, and test plans, procedures and results. Excellent written communication skills; working knowledge of word-processing and integrated software applications; organization skills and ability to perform detail-oriented work are required. Position may require travel. Position may require the ability to pass and maintain a Security Clearance.