Job Detail
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EEO Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Equal Employment (EEO) Administrative Support

Reports to:  Program/Project Manager

Supervises: N/A

Education required: Three years general experience; three years administrative experience required; experience/skill in processing executive correspondence; legal and regulatory documents is desired; high school graduate or equivalent. Associates degree preferred.

Location:  DC Metro Area 


The administrative assistant shall provide a broad range of high-level administrative services in support of customer activities. 

Assist the staff director in providing or obtaining a variety of management services essential to the direction and operation of customer activities.  

Extensive knowledge and understanding of EEOC principles, practices, methods and techniques, and skill in integrating management services with the general management of the organization. 

Provide a supporting role in the management of financial and human resources, procurement, contract administration, property management, space management, security administration, reports management, data processing, and other similar activities.  

Understanding of customers operations and the relative importance of various management services to these operations. Identify financial, personnel, and material needs and problems.  

Assist with responses to document requests and reviews under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act.  

Assist in developing budget estimates and justifications; ensures funds are used in accordance with the operating budget. 

 Assist in developing and maintaining sound organization structures, improving management methods and procedures, and seeing to the effective use of resources.  

Assist in collaborating with personnel specialists in finding solutions to management problems arising out of changes in work which have an impact on jobs and employees. 

Assist in negotiating agreements and cooperative arrangements with other government agencies or private organizations.  

Assist in managing and follow-up of recommendations.  

Assist in maintaining control of and accountability for all assigned government property. 

Assist in administering the security program within the organization. 

Assist in obtaining suitable office space for conducting customer operations.