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You know Verizon as a world leader in advanced communications and technology. What you might not know is that our Federal Network Systems (FNS) division brings unrivaled expertise in designing, building and maintaining networks which help government agencies maintain our nation's security. Ours is a clear and noble mission - to make a difference in the defense of our country and our people.

The core of our strength - our voice, video, and data networks - makes us the provider of choice for many of our government's largest defense and intelligence agencies. From Network and Systems Engineers and Analysts, to Solutions Architects, to Security Analysts, our pool of talent encompasses a diverse range of experienced, cleared professionals - many of whom have transitioned from the military. We provide specialized services in a variety of areas, including network integration, custom technologies, communication maintenance, and security. And we're dedicated to training our employees on leading-edge technology and industry advancements - so they're able to meet and surmount any challenge confidently and efficiently. All in an environment of support and stability made possible by Verizon's vast resources and tireless commitment to innovation.

Verizon FNS - your opportunity to lead the way in technology, communications…and help government agencies maintain national security.

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