Your career search is as unique as you are. Whether this is your first job search, or you have done this before, we are here with the resources to support your security cleared job search.

Below you will find articles, videos and presentations covering a wide variety of topics from career strategy to military transition to support your career search. While some of these topics are timeless, others will be updated monthly to better support your security cleared job search.

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Cleared Job Seeker Guide


This step-by-step guide is designed to assist security cleared job seekers in their next career move, providing practical tips and guidance for every aspect of a cleared job search. From building an initial strategy, to developing job search tools such as a resume, to tips on interviewing and salary negotiation, the Cleared Job Seeker Guide is a roadmap to keep job seekers on track for success.

Download our Cleared Job Seeker Guide

Jobseeker guide