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Defense Roundup: 800,000 Jobs Shutdown but Half Back to Work and Vets Could Soon Feel Shutdown Impacts

DoD to workers: Welcome Back, but Keep a Lid on Using Supplies

John Grady, ScoutComms. The battle of the government shutdown has been virtually the only story this week. Over the weekend, the Department of Defense announced their intention to bring most of the thousands of furloughed employees back to work. The move is a result of the Pay Our Military Act which Congress passed thinking it would be cover to avoid criticism for leaving troops in combat unpaid. Fortunately not all of the government lawyers got laid off last week and DoD partnered with DoJ to discover that nearly every single employee “supports military operations” and they…

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Defense Roundup: It’s 11:59 on the Budgetary Doomsday Clock, Veterans Spared a lot of Pain In a Shutdown

As Congress Fights Over the Budget, Agencies Go on Their ‘Use It or Lose It’ Shopping Spree

David A. Fahrenthold (@Fahrenthold), Washington Post. As John Grady tells us above, the drama surrounding the latest budget showdown in Congress has federal agencies working 24/7 to figure out what a shutdown will look like come Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, the annual end of fiscal year spending spree has been in full swing for a couple of weeks. For those not familiar with this fascinating tradition, federal agencies have until midnight Monday to spend the remainder of their FY 2013 budget or lose it and probably take a hit on their future budgets. This…

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Defense Roundup: Navy Yard in Recovery and Healing, Veterans Decry “Troubled” Headlines, Budget Future Still Confusing/Scary

Service Chiefs Warn of Sequester’s ‘Insidious’ Effects

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. Last Wednesday found the leaders of all four military services before the House Armed Services Committee testifying on the effects of continued sequester budget cuts. The testimony was peppered with colorful words like ‘insidious’, ‘bleak’, ‘difficult’, and ‘devastating’. The news reports that came out almost immediately offered the grim news that all four services are saying they may not be able to even fight one Major Theater Operation if sequester cuts are allowed to continue into 2014 with only the Marines saying they could but with major caveats. For perspective, the rule has always been…

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Defense Roundup: The Sky is Falling and the Sea is Rising–the Navy and Air Force Get Serious About Sequester Fears

With Syria Debate Paused, It’s ‘Back to Business’ for US Congress

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. It seems that the debate over attacking Syria has taken an unexpected detour and so Congress will be forced to address annoying issues like funding the government and pressing matters like an energy efficiency bill. There is little time for the dysfunctional legislature to come up with a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through December since there is no chance of passing a larger budget for the new fiscal year. Leaders in both chambers expect a CR to start the process this week. Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin predicts

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Defense Roundup: Spotlight on caregivers and female veterans, and GAO flays another program

Four Issues to Watch as US Congress Returns for Busy Fall

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. Congress returns this week to a vastly different agenda than the one they left for vacation facing three weeks ago. No one expected the burning issue in September would be authorizing strikes on Syria for chemical weapons attacks on their own citizens. The vote is going to be contentious while it will likely pass the Senate, the House simply doesn’t sound interested in jumping into another Middle East fight. Meanwhile, the budget isn’t even close to being voted on so another Continuing Resolution is almost inevitable and to make it fun the…

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