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Defense Roundup: SCMR Doesn’t Spell Army, One Helo Bid to Rule Them All

Hagel: Cuts Will Shrink Pay, Benefits and Force

Andrew Tilghman (@andrewtilghman), Defense News. Secretary of Defense Hagel released general results of the Pentagon’s much awaited Strategic Choices and Management Review (SCMR) last week. The review looked at how budget cuts at three levels– $100, $300, and $500 billion over a decade will affect the military’s ability to conduct their mission. The results were as disheartening as expected. Ranging from greater cuts to the ground forces, reductions in the Navy’s carrier strike groups, cuts to Air Force fighter and cargo squadrons, and hints that the leadership will choose cuts in benefits and personnel over modernization efforts. A leak of…

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Defense Roundup: MOH for Another COP Keating Hero, Sequester Blues, Sequestered F-35 jokes (20% Fewer)

House Approves 2014 Defense Spending Bill

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Marine Corps Times. In a surprisingly anti-climatic vote on Wednesday evening the House of Representatives approved a nearly $600 billion defense spending bill for next year after a very controversial floor fight over the NSA’s surveillance programs. The bill essentially ignores sequestration while giving $512.5 billion for the base DoD budget and some $82 billion for overseas operations. The base budget is down $3 billion from what the administration requested and even the overseas operating budget took some unusual cuts this time around of $3.5 billion on a bipartisan amendment. The big fight was over an amendment from libertarian…

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Defense Roundup: “There is no good news,” MOH Recipient Heading to North Korea, UAVs headed to DC

Hagel Can’t Offer Any Hope in Budget Cuts

Lara Jakes (@larajakesap), Associated Press. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is clearly not trying for the “it’s all going to be okay” parenting approach when discussing the budget circumstances of his department with service members, their families, and the department’s civilian employees. He spent much of last week on the road visiting military bases as the first week of civilian furloughs began with tough stories across the nation. Hagel traveled with a depressing message with the hopes of averting more budget pain for the military. His bottom line message is that unless Congress fixes the sequestration budget cuts, things are going…

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Defense Roundup: Furlough Fridays and Furlough Futures, Danger Zone for Pilots as Drone Lands on Carrier, VA Supporting More Homeless Vets

Ex-Army Corps Official Sentenced in Contracting Scheme of ‘Historic Proportions’

Ann Marimow (@amarimow), Washington Post. The leader of what has been described as one of the most egregious government contracting fraud schemes in history was sentenced to nearly two decades in jail after stealing over $30 million from the Army Corps of Engineers over four years. Kerry Kahn worked with a ring of fellow government contracting officials and contractors to rig bids, inflate invoices, and orchestrate kickbacks. The money fueled a multi-continent network of mistresses and purchases that defied logic when it was exposed. Federal authorities say the investigation is still ongoing with over a dozen individuals ensnared in…

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Defense Roundup: Brigade Cuts Start Big Shifts, Contractors Still in the News for Wrong Reasons

Hewlett-Packard Beats CSC for $3.5 Billion Navy Contract

Nick Taborek and Tony Capaccio (@acapaccio), Bloomberg. Hewlett-Packard has won the long awaited award for the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network over a team led by Computer Sciences Corporation valued at up to $3.5 billion through 2018. The contract is the largest single information-technology project in the federal government and will manage the service’s 800,000-user intranet. HP teamed with Lockheed Martin, IBM, AT&T and Northrop Grumman on the effort which allows it to continue running the Navy’s IT backbone as it has since 2008. The contract has gone through several modifications through the process as budget cuts and competition have seen the…

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