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Defense Roundup: “Drones” a word you can’t say in public, veterans helping veterans in Texas, military epidemics misnamed

AUVSI Convention Shows Trends Toward Civilian, International UAV’s

Aaron Mehta (@AaronMehta), Defense News. Last week’s Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International annual show in Washington D.C. generated a lot of stories on the state of the industry and the future for this unique family of systems. There are few products that stir passions as much as UAVs…or drones as they are commonly known. One theme that came out of this year’s very well attended conference was the desire to stop calling UAVs ‘drones’ as Breaking Defense wryly noted, the WiFi password for media was “DONTSAYDRONES”.  With the war in Afghanistan winding down the U.S. market for combat unmanned…

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Defense Roundup: Sequester Takes a Break in August…Except for the Navy, Combat Doesn’t Increase Suicide Risk

Analysts: Cutting Aircraft Carriers a Real Possibility

Mike Hixenbaugh (@mike_hixenbaugh), The Virginian-Pilot. The many angles that come out of sequester cuts and the Pentagon’s recently completed Strategic Choices Management Review are still being examined around the defense industry. All of the defense analysts are weighing in with many saying they are too much and others saying it’s just right. At the home of half of the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier fleet, the talk of mothballing two or more of the mighty ships has deep and severe implications. It’s estimated that even losing a single aircraft carrier would cost the Hampton Roads area thousands of jobs and $425 million in…

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Defense Roundup: SCMR Doesn’t Spell Army, One Helo Bid to Rule Them All

Hagel: Cuts Will Shrink Pay, Benefits and Force

Andrew Tilghman (@andrewtilghman), Defense News. Secretary of Defense Hagel released general results of the Pentagon’s much awaited Strategic Choices and Management Review (SCMR) last week. The review looked at how budget cuts at three levels– $100, $300, and $500 billion over a decade will affect the military’s ability to conduct their mission. The results were as disheartening as expected. Ranging from greater cuts to the ground forces, reductions in the Navy’s carrier strike groups, cuts to Air Force fighter and cargo squadrons, and hints that the leadership will choose cuts in benefits and personnel over modernization efforts. A leak of…

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Defense Roundup: MOH for Another COP Keating Hero, Sequester Blues, Sequestered F-35 jokes (20% Fewer)

House Approves 2014 Defense Spending Bill

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Marine Corps Times. In a surprisingly anti-climatic vote on Wednesday evening the House of Representatives approved a nearly $600 billion defense spending bill for next year after a very controversial floor fight over the NSA’s surveillance programs. The bill essentially ignores sequestration while giving $512.5 billion for the base DoD budget and some $82 billion for overseas operations. The base budget is down $3 billion from what the administration requested and even the overseas operating budget took some unusual cuts this time around of $3.5 billion on a bipartisan amendment. The big fight was over an amendment from libertarian…

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Defense Roundup: “There is no good news,” MOH Recipient Heading to North Korea, UAVs headed to DC

Hagel Can’t Offer Any Hope in Budget Cuts

Lara Jakes (@larajakesap), Associated Press. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is clearly not trying for the “it’s all going to be okay” parenting approach when discussing the budget circumstances of his department with service members, their families, and the department’s civilian employees. He spent much of last week on the road visiting military bases as the first week of civilian furloughs began with tough stories across the nation. Hagel traveled with a depressing message with the hopes of averting more budget pain for the military. His bottom line message is that unless Congress fixes the sequestration budget cuts, things are going…

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