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Veterans Roundup: New MyVA Advisory Committee Named, Los Angeles VA Wait Times Under Scrutiny

J. Michael Haynie Appointed to Newly Created VA Advisory Committee
On Friday, Dr. Mike Haynie, Executive Director and founder of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families and Vice Chancellor of Veterans and Military Affairs at Syracuse University, was appointed to the newly created MyVA Advisory Committee. On the committee, Dr. Haynie will provide advice and assistance to the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary and its leadership on necessary reforms. –MC

Two Key Themes to Dominate Army Women’s Foundation Seventh Annual Hall of Fame Induction March 17 and 18
This week, The U.S. Army Women Foundation will address important issues facing Army women at the Annual Hall of Fame Induction…

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Veterans are Both Uniquely Qualified and Completely Unprepared for Civilian Cybersecurity Careers

Joe Krull, Denim GroupAn interview with Joe Krull, Director of the Denim Group in San Antonio.

What is Cybersecurity

I hate the term cybersecurity. The term was first used I think I read somewhere in 1994. It was used by someone who was trying to make the term broader than it was. I will never use the term cybersecurity unless I am in the presence of a government official or someone affiliated with the government. We don’t call this cyber on the commercial side. Although there are some executives that are drinking the Kool-Aid, I am not sure they understand what it means. The basic definition is the methods, the technologies, the…

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Veterans Roundup: Younger Veterans and Rising Costs Within VA, Ending Mental Health Stigma, and Convening Non-Profits

VA Chief Warns of Rising Cost of Caring for Younger Veterans
Bryant Jordan (@BryantJordan), Military.com. Last Wednesday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald testified before Congress that the number of veterans applying for VA care and benefits is increasing. McDonald stressed that the VA is on track to end homelessness among veterans and end the disability claims backlog but that the increasing cost of care for younger veterans will pose a challenge in the future if budgets don’t also rise. –MC
Bottom line: The numbers tell the tale here. More and more veterans are seeking benefits payments and health care from the VA even as the total number of veterans decreases…

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Veterans Roundup: New Ideas for Veterans Health Care, Shockingly Low Usage of Veterans Choice Cards, Manufactured Furor over McDonald SF Claims

Advocacy Groups Split Over Proposed Tricare Reforms
Patricia Kime (@patriciakime), Military Times. Leaders of the nation’s major military advocacy groups are understandably split over the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission’s recommendation to move drilling reservists, military families, and retirees under 65 to a commercial healthcare insurance program. The proposal throws the weight of the military’s healthcare monies behind those actively contributing on a day-to-day basis to the nation’s defense, and shifts the military’s Tricare commitment away from the other elements of the military “family.” During Hill testimony, the groups that testified welcomed the proposal as a conversation-starter, and then proceeded to offer a predictable variety of nuanced and noncommittal responses to…

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Veterans Roundup: Liars in Ranks, a New SecDef at the Helm, and Much More

Lying in the Military is Common, Army War College Study Says
Dan Lamothe (@DanLamothe), The Washington Post. A study by two Army War College professors reveals that lying is very common in the military and may actually be encouraged by the military. The study concludes that frequent demands to meet high standards and requirements may be causing Army officers to lie and sacrifice their reputations. The study suggests an era of “ethical fading” is affecting the military as a whole. –MC
Bottom line: Needless to say more than a few folks associated with the military greeted this article with disdain. It is actually an interesting and more important story than…

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