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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Phoenix VA Under Pressure Over Wait List Allegations, House Balks at Slashing Pay and Benefits

Soldier Who Lost Leg in Afghanistan Vowed ‘I Will Return.’ This is What it Took to Get Back.

Tim Craig, The Washington Post. A mere 2 percent of service member amputees return to their front line jobs after recovery. This is the story of one of them. 1LT Joshua Pitcher has always wanted to be a military man. He had only been in country for two months when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and woke up days later at Walter Reed one limb lighter. He vowed then that he would return not just to active duty, but to the field. Pitcher’s story is in many ways unusual,…

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Transitioning Military Sell Your Talent Not Your Title

There’s a lot of PR going on right now around the topic of veteran hiring. Private organizations are picking up on the terrific talent pool coming out of the armed forces and many even have specific outreach programs designed to attract recently separated military personnel. Let’s be clear though, no one will hire us because we are veterans, they will hire us because we have something to offer their company.

If you’re still on active duty, look around your unit (if you’ve recently separated think back to your last one). Do you believe everyone in that group was equally talented?  We as veteran job seekers can be quick to point…

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Defense Roundup: Budget Deal Breaks Faith with Service Members and Retirees, Contractors Report High PTSD Rates, Little Care

Ryan-Murray Deal Hits Younger, Future Military Retirees

Tom Philpott, Stars and Stripes. The shocking news last week was that in a bizarre twist, Republicans and Democrats came together and actually agreed to something. Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray announced late Tuesday a surprising compromise budget proposal that takes out much of the damaging sequestration uncertainty while avoiding many of the larger issues that still linger. As the agreement was looked at closer, many saw things to like and things to worry about. Overall the Pentagon is happy to have some certainty in their budget and a return to a normal process of managing their programs. By Thursday,

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Empathy for Veterans and Recruiters

Many veterans on the job hunt get frustrated because they feel like potential employers don’t understand or appreciate their experiences. While this is often true, we have to remember that empathy goes both ways. Service members also need to find ways to understand the unique constraints that recruiters, hiring managers, and supervisors find themselves in when dealing with veterans in the workforce. Bridging the culture gap takes more than just finding newer and (often times louder) ways to tell our side of the story, the empathy that we need comes from understanding where the other side is coming from.

Imagine if a civilian technical representative were assigned to your active…

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Defense Roundup: Pentagon Budget Cuts, Scammers Targeting VA, Navy Scandals

Cuts to AFN, Closing Stars and Stripes on Pentagon Budget Table

Stars and Stripes. As the Pentagon looks to trim its budget, all options are on the table. That includes the venerable Stars and Stripes, not only a ScoutComms favorite for its veterans coverage but also the paper of record for troops in the trenches since the Civil War. Stripes’ publisher is being asked for information about how it spends its $7.8 million DoD subsidy and has been asked to provide potential funding scenarios to the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office. Senators McCain and McCaskill, two powerful voices on the Senate Armed Services Committee, have already stated their strong…

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