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Veterans Roundup: Army Morale is Low, Latest “Best for Vets” Employer Rankings

When Veterans Return, Their Children Deal with the Invisible Wounds of War
Emily Wax-Thibodeaux (@emily_wax), The Washington Post. Emily Wax-Thibodeaux worked with a number of organizations we partner with to weave this fascinating tale of the burdens that the children of wounded and ill servicemembers and veterans face at home today. The challenges of being a back-up caregiver, or even primary one, for the children of war is a shocking burden and one for which they too often bear a mental health price as well. It’s an important read, made more so as we are in the Month of the Military Child and our friends at Operation Homefront awarded their…

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Veterans Roundup: VA Scandal Turns One, New DOD Chief Proposing Big Changes, Plus Much More

New Personnel Rules: Carter’s Plans to Keep Best Troops
Andrew Tilghman (@andrewtilghman), Military Times. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is proposing an overhaul of the personnel system which would change the way our military recruits and retains its troops. The suggested changes focus on attracting and keeping the best troops in our military in competition with corporate high-paying jobs. Some changes include making military life easier for single parents, increasing sabbatical opportunities, allowing older well-trained recruits to enlist, and paying back student loans for college-educated recruits. –MC
Bottom line: The ideas that Secretary Carter floated during his speech to his former high school last week are ones that have bounced…

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Innove’s Brad Morrison on the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Veterans

Brad Morrison, InnoveBrad Morrison is the CEO and Founder of Innové. Innové designs, builds and manages secure networks for government, telecommunications & commercial clients based in the San Antonio, TX, and Washington DC, areas.

What is Cybersecurity

I grew up in the network security domain. I left the Air Force Academy in 1996 and the dawn of the internet age was just coming into its own. Joining the military officer ranks in 1996, I was sent to San Antonio to be part of the cryptologic systems group. San Antonio has been involved in the cyber realm for decades if you really think about it; full spectrum cyber to include telecom, RF,…

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Veterans Roundup: Carter Visits “Pathbreaking” IVMF, New Veteran Suicide Data and “Bad Paper” and more

VA Secretary Talks of Progress in Recent Months, Outlines Challenges Going Forward
Heath Druzin (@Druzin_Stripes), Stars and Stripes. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald spoke with Stars and Stripes about the VA’s progress over the past few months and the issues that still need improvement. McDonald’s focus is on improving the customer experience and adding new doctors. The VA has hired about 900 new doctors and extended apologies  to families in Tomah for the pain and loss experienced as a result of mismanagement and overprescribed opiates. –MC
Bottom line: While Secretary Bob has been on a national goodwill tour for the last several months, his visibility in the…

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Veterans, Cyber, San Antonio with Denim Group’s Joe Krull

Joe Krull, Denim GroupAn interview with Joe Krull, Director of Denim Group in San Antonio. Read the first part of Joe’s interview Veterans are both Uniquely Qualified and Completely Unprepared for Civilian Cybersecurity Careers.

How is San Antonio Uniquely Qualified to be Cyber City USA

Three reasons plus a bonus:

1) Low cost of living. It’s much cheaper than the Washington, DC, area and has a lower cost of delivery of services. The real estate is still quite reasonable in the San Antonio area and if you are a cybersecurity professional you are making a pretty good salary. So the differential is quite noticeable.

2) We have many federal government agencies…

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