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Should recruiters use social media for background checks?

A recruiter is trying to fill a job requisition and thinks she has found the perfect candidate. The recruiter is ready to make the job offer but decides to check some social media sites as a further background check on the applicant. On Facebook the candidate has posted that he only plans to stay in the geographic area for a year, and will then be moving on to another location. Should the recruiter contact the candidate and confront him? Should the applicant be removed from contention? Or should the recruiter move forward with the hire?

This was a real-life situation raised at the IDGA HR for Defense Summit yesterday. One…

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Digital Detective Work: Survey Shows Most Employers Search Online for Information About Potential Creative Hires

A polished resume and portfolio aren’t the only tools professionals need to land their next job. A new survey shows a sterling digital presence is important, too.

Important note: We want to point out that this recent survey was specifically done for the advertising and marketing industry, which is — we realize — not the security cleared community. That said, the trend is clear: employers from all industries and professions are actively going online to learn more about you the job seeker.

In this specific study, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of hiring managers interviewed said they are likely to search for information about prospective hires online. Another

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Concerns about social media engagement and security clearances … continued

Yesterday, the Homeland Security Blog did up a good post entitled “Facebook and Twitter can be dangerous to your security clearance’s health.” The blog post referenced a November 2, 2009 article which we actually wrote about here.

When we saw the Homeland Security Blog post link circulating on Twitter, we thought it may be a good idea to expand on our November 3 post with the following commentary:

Concerns about maintaining clearances about for those who socially engage

Yes, professionals with security clearances have many concerns when it comes to maintaining their clearances. These are professionals who we have entrusted the security of many…

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Security Cleared Job Seekers: Remember HAM Principle on Social Networks

Honesty, accuracy and mitigation. This trio makes up the “HAM” principles which, according to FederalTimes.com’s Greg Rinkey, security cleared individuals need to adhere to when participating in social networks:

“If you hold a security clearance or if you ever want to apply for one, be mindful of your postings and contacts online, particularly on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites pose risks to gaining and keeping a security clearance.”

While Rinkey raises some very legitimate concerns, we believe that security cleared professionals can use social networks and utility tools during a job search quite successfully assuming they have been  responsible users (a…

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Press Release: Military Blogger and “Kiss My Gumbo” Radio Show Host Greta Perry to Interview ClearedJobs.Net’s Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Smith

Security cleared job board will use radio interview opportunity to impart practical career and job seeking advice to Gulf Coast-based military personnel in transition to private sector employment

Greta PerryFalls Church, Virginia — Security cleared job board ClearedJobs.Net’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Smith, will be interviewed on “Kiss My Gumbo,” a live radio show held each Saturday from 9:00-10:00 central time in the Gulf Coast region. The radio show, hosted weekly by “The Princess of Positive” and military blogger Greta Perry, features military-related guests and topics as well as national and Louisiana-related current events.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reach new audiences in the military space in…

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