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7 Tips for Using Social Media for Interview Preparation

Your goal is to be current on the company’s activities and to develop relevant questions to ask in the interview. That demonstrates you’re an informed professional, current with today’s technology and modes of communication.

To that end, incorporate social media into your pre-interview research strategy. Companies show different sides of themselves through different social media channels. Use this opportunity to learn more and prepare to ace your interview.

Depending on the cleared position you’re interviewing for and the contractor, you may find a wealth of information or next to nothing.

If the company you’re interviewing with is one of your target companies, you should have already completed much of this…

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7 Tips for Job Search Success

How do you beat the odds so you’re one of the resumes selected for follow up?

—1. Clean up your spelling and grammar. 50% of all applicants are rejected for typos, grammatical errors, misspellings and incomplete applications or applications returned after the deadline. This is the number one irritation for most recruiters and managers. If the candidate doesn’t have the attention to detail needed to run spell check on their own resume, how accurate will their work be?

2. Apply for the jobs you’re qualified for and apply for the job that’s posted. Don’t assume your reader knows that as a Systems Administrator you were responsible for disaster recovery.…

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Learning New Skills for Your Cleared Job Search Webinar

If you missed our recent webinar on new skills for your cleared job search, check out the recorded version below.

You’ll learn immediate actionable steps you can take to improve your job search — from typical job seeker mistakes to the value of data mining social media for intel on potential employers.

There are some great participant questions at the end, including:

  1. Should I have a functional or chronological resume?
  2. What is a recruiter looking for when they view my social media profiles?
  3. I have a signed contingent offer. How often should I check back with the recruiter?


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What Hiring Managers Want From Your Social Media Accounts

Is social media helping or hurting job seekers?

The results of a just released CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers who research candidates via social media illustrate it all depends on the job seeker.

Self-Defeating Content

The top mentions for self-defeating content range from flat out bad behavior to the issue of contradictory information. Most of the cleared community is smart enough not to make the first couple mistakes listed below. But pay close attention to some of the less-referenced problems that took a job seeker out of the running for a job:

Sexiness – 50%. Posting photos or information that are provocative or inappropriate.

Booziness – 48%. Sharing info about…

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Cleared Job Seeker Guide Released

Starting your job search and need direction? Already in your job search and need direction?

Download our Cleared Job Seeker Guide. It’s a step-by-step guide designed to assist security cleared job seekers in their next career move, providing practical tips and guidance for every aspect of a cleared job search.

From building an initial strategy, to developing job search tools such as a resume, to tips on interviewing and salary negotiation, the Cleared Job Seeker Guide is a roadmap to keep job seekers on track for for success. Chapters include:

1. Career Development Strategy
2. Resumes, Profiles and Your Elevator Speech
3. Job Boards and Career…

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