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Big Declines in Security Clearance Determinations

2014 Report on Security Clearance DeterminationsODNI recently released its 2014 Report on Security Clearance Determinations, which details individuals holding a clearance as of October 1, and the number of individuals approved or denied a clearance during the fiscal year. For a second year the numbers reveal an across the board decrease in both numbers.

While there is certainly a downward trend what is hard to determine is how much of this trend is due to an improvement in data quality vs. a true reduction. Likely it is both, but what the proportions are no one really knows.

Decline in Security Clearance Holders

The total number of clearance holders holding a Confidential or higher security clearance…

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When it Comes to Your Security Clearance, How is Your Judgment


Security Clearance HoldersWhat causes an individual to be ineligible for a security clearance? Many people believe that only serious misconduct will result in the failure to obtain a security clearance. By “serious,” I’m referring to criminal charges, excessive financial delinquencies and illicit drug use, just to name a few. While it is true that these are examples of issues which could negatively impact one’s eligibility for a security clearance, even “less serious” acts of misconduct can affect one’s eligibility.

The reason is that agencies are not solely concerned about the conduct itself. Agencies are also concerned about your judgment, or potential lack thereof, which led to the conduct. The underlying determination…

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Security Clearance Reapplication after Denial or Revocation

Reapply security clearanceSome of you may ask, “If I had a security clearance ultimately denied or revoked after exhausting all potential appeals, can I ever be granted a security clearance in the future?”

The answer: Yes! The process is different between various agencies. The most common agencies will be discussed for purposes of this article.

Department of Defense

If you are a Department of Defense contractor who has had a clearance denied or revoked by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), you can reapply for a clearance one year after the denial or revocation of your clearance. (See DoD 5220.6). Before you do this, you must first have a sponsor…

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Will Security Clearance Processing Lengthen

Security Clearance Processing TimeAs many of you have probably heard in the news, USIS, the company contracted by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct background investigations, has lost its contract with the agency. For those who are unfamiliar with how background investigations are processed, OPM is tasked with conducting the background investigations for many federal agencies, including the Department of Defense.

OPM itself does not have the manpower to efficiently process all of the background investigations. For this reason it contracts work out to various contractors, the largest of which was USIS. USIS employed several thousand investigators to perform investigations under its contract with OPM and processed approximately 21,000 investigations…

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What Happens if Your Security Clearance is Suspended or Revoked

Security clearance suspended or revokedYour security clearance can be suspended or revoked at any time. A suspension or revocation can occur as a result of an incident report or as a result of information discovered during the course of your updated background investigation.

An incident report is a report submitted to the agency notifying it of a developed circumstance which could affect your continued eligibility to hold a security clearance. One example is being charged with a criminal offense. If this happens, you are required to notify your facility security officer, who is then required to notify the agency that granted you a clearance. If the agency determines that the conduct described in the…

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