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Criminal Conduct and Your Security Clearance

JailedSo you’ve recently been charged, cited, or arrested for some type of criminal conduct, and you’re wondering whether or how it will affect your security clearance. The answer: It depends.

First, you should be aware that you have a duty to report certain offenses to your facility security officer (FSO), regardless of whether or not you are up for your security clearance renewal. You must report offenses that ordinarily would be required to be listed on the SF86. The SF86 Questionnaire requires that you list the following:

  1. Issuances of tickets, citations, or summons to appear in court in a criminal proceeding against you (other than traffic infractions where the

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How Missing SF86 Information Affects Your Security Clearance Eligibility

SF86 Missing InformationToo often applicants do not take the completion of the SF86 Questionnaire seriously enough, resulting in detrimental effects later on. Specifically agencies look to the SF86 to determine if you are completely honest about issues and incidents in your background. If you omit required information on the SF86 or mis-characterize a piece of information, agencies are likely to believe that you cannot be trusted.

Some security applicants carelessly complete the SF86, assuming that any errors or unintentional omissions can be corrected during an interview with an investigator. This is only partly true.

Yes you can correct mistakes and provide additional information during an interview with an investigator. If you failed…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Edessa Reed, PSS

Edessa ReedEdessa, tell us about yourself and your company

I have been in the recruiting industry for nine years. About seven years ago I decided to move into an Information Technology Recruiting role. Presently as an Intelligence Technical Recruiter with Preferred Systems Solutions (PSS), I  am responsible for supporting several government efforts with multiple openings. All these openings require at least a Top Secret/SCI up to Top Secret/SCI with a Full Scope Polygraph clearance. Most of the positions I recruit for are located within the Northern Virginia, DC Metro and Maryland areas.

Since 1991, PSS has been providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ goals and objectives in the core…

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Security Clearance Verifiers and References on the SF86

Security Clearance Verifier or ReferenceSecurity clearance background investigations can be time consuming. Providing all the pertinent and relevant information on the SF86 Questionnaire when you complete it facilitates the expeditious completion of your background investigation, especially if it covers activities in two or more states. Specifically you should ensure that you list proper references and verifiers for various activities on the SF86.


There is a difference between a verifier and a reference. A verifier is someone who has direct knowledge of a certain activity in your background. For example, Section 11, “Where you Have Lived,” on the SF86 requires you to list your residential addresses for the last ten years. In this section,…

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Security Clearance Reciprocity

Will your clearance transfer from one agency to another? The answer is “It depends.”

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management conducts the background investigations for the majority of federal government agencies. However there are several that conduct their own investigations, such as the intelligence agencies and Department of Homeland Security.

The more closely related the agencies, the more likely an agency will reciprocate another agency’s adjudication. Under certain guidelines, some agencies are required to reciprocate the clearance adjudication of another agency.

OMB Memorandum dated December 12, 2005 provides that an agency that needs to determine the eligibility for access to classified information for an individual who has current eligibility with…

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