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Learning New Skills for Your Cleared Job Search Webinar

If you missed our recent webinar on new skills for your cleared job search, check out the recorded version below.

You’ll learn immediate actionable steps you can take to improve your job search — from typical job seeker mistakes to the value of data mining social media for intel on potential employers.

There are some great participant questions at the end, including:

  1. Should I have a functional or chronological resume?
  2. What is a recruiter looking for when they view my social media profiles?
  3. I have a signed contingent offer. How often should I check back with the recruiter?


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The Difference Between a Resume, a Bio, and Curricula Vitae

Job seekers are somewhat confused with the semantics of what a resume is versus a short biography versus a curricula vitae. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, depending upon the end goal or objective of the owner. Let’s examine the definitions and the differences.

Curricula vitae

A curricula vitae (CV) has a root in the Latin term, ‘life story’ or ‘courses of life.’ A CV illustrates the achievements and the entire employment history, as well as awards, education, and special training received over a lifetime of the CV owner. A CV is not a resume or a bio and is used principally to provide a detailed history to an audience.…

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Seven LinkedIn First-Time User Mistakes

Recruiters are just as discriminating when reviewing LinkedIn profiles as they are when they review resumes.

Those using LinkedIn for the first time can be in a rush, make minor or major mistakes, and don’t realize they have set themselves up for failure. Here are a few mistakes that can be easily corrected and will assist job seekers in putting their best foot forward. 

1)    Typing a full name and initials in mixed upper and lower case for name and profile information. Assume the profile is your resume. Would you send a resume to a recruiter…

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A Basic Checklist for Your Cleared Resume

Resume basics. Everyone knows those, right?

Based on the resumes in any company’s applicant tracking database, the answer is more likely, NO.

Your personal resume checklist:

__ Name.
__ City and state. Street address isn’t necessary.
__ Email address. Only one, nothing ‘cute’ or ‘funny’. Use your name. If it’s common add some numbers.
__ Phone number.  One, not work #, with a short professional message.
__ Social media links. LinkedIn or Twitter.
__ Security clearance.  If you apply for a non-cleared position remember to delete this.


Employers want to know what you can do for them. They don’t care much about what…

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Nine Things Not to Have on Your Resume and Nine Alternatives

Many job seekers put too much information on their resume. Unfortunately this extra information may hinder their job search efforts.

Recruiters look for hard facts on a resume. The warm, fuzzy, “Tell us more about you.” comes later in an interview. Here are some tips on how too much information in a resume can harm a job seeker.

1 ) Dump: An objective that takes up a quarter page of subjective self-aggrandizement that you think makes you look like a golden child. Recruiters don’t want to read this.

Alternative: Focus on your Summary and how your skills, talents and abilities match the requirements of the job for which you are…

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