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When Should My Resume Be Longer than Two Pages

How long should your resume be if you have 20+ years experience?

It depends on the position you’re applying for.

And it’s definitely a personal preference for a recruiter as to how many pages a resume should have. Different recruiters like different things. That’s true in all aspects of your job search.

The key questions:

  1. Are you communicating your work achievements that are relevant to the job description?
  2. Do you meet the requirements of the job description?

Those two questions should be your main concern. And for most positions and most cleared job seekers, that should be accomplished in two pages.

However, if the contract requires me to…

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7 Tips for Job Search Success

How do you beat the odds so you’re one of the resumes selected for follow up?

—1. Clean up your spelling and grammar. 50% of all applicants are rejected for typos, grammatical errors, misspellings and incomplete applications or applications returned after the deadline. This is the number one irritation for most recruiters and managers. If the candidate doesn’t have the attention to detail needed to run spell check on their own resume, how accurate will their work be?

2. Apply for the jobs you’re qualified for and apply for the job that’s posted. Don’t assume your reader knows that as a Systems Administrator you were responsible for disaster recovery.…

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4 Quick Job Seeker Resolutions for 2014

Start of a new year means it’s time to step back and take an objective look at your job search. Here are 4 quick job search checks to get you on the right track for a successful 2014.

1. Only apply to jobs for which you’re truly qualified. This can be a tough one since it’s so easy to apply for jobs online. You need to meet 80% of the job requirements to apply. The only way around this rule is if you are being referred or you know someone in the hiring process. Think of it this way. Why would a hiring manager want to…

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Inappropriate Job Seeker Stories of 2013

The recruiters we interviewed in 2013 shared some humorous experiences with cleared job seekers.

No doubt if we interviewed cleared job seekers, you would have some funny experiences that you’ve had with recruiters. Please share your stories with us in the comments below.

Things Job Seekers Say

“I’ll take the job, if you hire my wife.” I think this comment leaves room for thought.

Debbie Cantin, Charles F. Day & Associates

I still remember calling a job seeker to schedule an interview and her voicemail greeting was “Wanda’s Love Palace.

Scott Theobald,

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5 Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2013

As the year comes to a close we review our most popular blog stories of 2013. This year’s most-read articles have a common theme – security clearances.

We partnered this year with Tully Rinckey to bring you authoritative content on security clearances and it has proven to be very popular. In addition, Nicole Smith with Tully Rinckey will be presenting briefings on What You Need to Know about Your Security Clearance Reinvestigation at our 2014 Cleared Job Fairs.

Our 5 most popular stories of 2013:

5. Security Clearance Loss of Jurisdiction

Few things cause more frustration than being rejected by a prospective employer because of a…

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