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Five Little Resume Mistakes that Tell Employers You’re a Risk

five-little-resume-mistakes-that-tell-cleared-employers-youre-a-riskTo the best of your knowledge, your resume is perfect. You ran it through the spell checker three times just to make sure it didn’t miss anything the first two times. You even had your uncle Dave look it over because he hired a guy once and he knows a thing or two about resumes. So why aren’t you getting the kind of responses you were hoping for? Check your resume for these all-too-common little mistakes that tell employers you are a risky candidate.

1) You don’t use a professional email address. Your resume makes the first impression of your caliber as a professional. When you use an email address…

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FAQs About Your Resume

A resume should tell the reader if the job seeker is a possible fit without too much work on the reader's part.At a recent ClearedJobs.Net Resume Review session, job seekers asked lots of questions. But, what they boil down to is this: What will get my resume read? Translated this question really boils down to this one: What makes a resume effective?

A resume is effective if it is relevant to the job applied for. To do this a resume needs to focus on the applied-for-job’s requirements and show instances of the job seeker utilizing the required skills and knowledge with results, i.e., Accomplishment Statements. If it gains enough attention from the recruiter or hiring manager to get them to want to learn more about you, and results in…

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A Resume Only a Mother Could Love

My resume is too long, But I have 25 years experienceAt our recent Cleared Job Fair we had a cleared job seeker register with a 13-page resume.

13 pages? Did we discover the long-lost resume of Leonardo da Vinci? Albert Einstein?

Other than perhaps your mother – and my mother likely wouldn’t make it past page one – who would be interested in dredging through page after page of dense paragraphs with minute details of everything you’ve done since 1988?

Yes that’s right. Detailed responsibilities and accomplishments going back to 1988. No wonder it was a 13-page resume.

When you’ve accomplished a lot in your career, you’re quite naturally proud of what you’ve done. Clearly this job seeker falls in…

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