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Tapping the Veteran IT Talent Pool

0689 GunnyThe hiring process can be painful for both organizations seeking talent and individual job seekers. Gaps in common skills and language are typically cited as reasons for veteran hiring initiatives. It’s also agreed by most experts that of the military skill set, Information Technology and cyber skills are some of the most translatable. Why then do we have difficulty when it comes to attracting and hiring veteran IT Talent?

The problem lies on both sides of the equation. Neither side really knows what the other one is talking about.

I recently showed a job description to a transitioning Marine Corps communications officer. I asked him for his thoughts and it…

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Candidate Experience: Which Candidate

Thanks to several programs and general awareness a focus in recruiting now is the candidate experience. While this is all good, we have to remember that not all candidates are created equal.

In the candidate experience the focus has been placed on when the candidate enters the system. But what about the process before the application or ATS stage? The engagement stage: The place where candidates and recruiters are truly unique individuals.

There are several components to consider in the candidate engagement process.

  1. What is the niche – government contracting, finance, healthcare.
  2. What is the engagement tool – social media, job fair, email.
  3. Where

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How I’ve Been Successful Finding Cleared Talent

Shaunta Russell, St. Michael's Twenty-two year USMC veteran and Director of Administration Shaunta Russell joined St. Michaels in June, 2011.

St. Michael’s was founded in 2006 by Todd Brymer, a retired Lieutenant Colonel and former Army paratrooper.  St. Michael’s works with federal agencies to improve their business process results, including Financial Policy Support, Enterprise Financial System Integration and Standardizing Internal Controls.

St. Michael's logoSt. Michael’s is named for the patron saint of paratroopers.

Consistent Sourcing Results

I’ve consistently used ClearedJobs.Net as a sourcing tool since I started with St. Michael’s in 2011, with good success. In fact I used ClearedJobs.Net in my transition.

Immediately after starting with the company  I needed to fill a Data

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Recruiting Roundup: Salary Survey, Who’s in Your Network

Our picks for the week’s best recruiting news:

ERE checks out the Money Talks survey from Bullhorn in Is the Grass Always Greener? Look at What Agency Recruiters Earn.

The Top 12 Reasons Why Slow Hiring Severely Damages Recruiting and Business Results. Our favorite #2 – Unfortunately slow hiring does not improve the quality of those who you hire. What do you think?

If you have the aforementioned problem regarding speed of hire and you want some guidance, read Steps for Increasing Your Speed of Hire in Order to Improve Your Quality of Hire.

Tim Sackett does an HR take on Fast Company’s…

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Eight Steps for the Care and Feeding of Recruiters

Recruiters are the gatekeepers for most jobs. They can also be a tremendous advocate and resource for cleared job seekers. Knowing the best way to work with recruiters is crucial for any cleared professional looking for their next opportunity.

But let’s be clear. A recruiter’s role is to fill the positions they have open and to be on the lookout for talent their company may need in the future. They aren’t a job finding service for you. However they can be an invaluable resource for you. And you for them.

How Do I Make a Recruiter’s Job Easier

1.  Don’t apply for jobs you aren’t qualified for. If you…

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