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Eight Steps for the Care and Feeding of Recruiters

Recruiters are the gatekeepers for most jobs. They can also be a tremendous advocate and resource for cleared job seekers. Knowing the best way to work with recruiters is crucial for any cleared professional looking for their next opportunity.

But let’s be clear. A recruiter’s role is to fill the positions they have open and to be on the lookout for talent their company may need in the future. They aren’t a job finding service for you. However they can be an invaluable resource for you. And you for them.

How Do I Make a Recruiter’s Job Easier

1.  Don’t apply for jobs you aren’t qualified for. If you…

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The People in Your Pipelines

It’s the New Year. You want to do more with less, update your recruiting style, or just be a bit more effective. There are lots of silver bullets being touted and buzzword bingo clouding up the recruiting blogosphere to the point that it is easier to fall back into old habits.

To me old school is best: Golden rule. No matter the technology you use, how you treat the candidate is going to reflect in your effectiveness. My advice? Re-examine your resolutions, and just add one small thing that you can do to change your candidate relationship.

Big changes come from small steps. One small thing to do every day.…

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Recruiting Roundup: Do You Suck at Interviewing, A Cynics 2014 Predictions

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

Sourcing candidates takes skill and strategy. Are you a Hunter or Trapper recommends the proactive approach.

Ben Olds says you’re probably not nearly as good at interviewing as you think you are in My Wife Thinks I Suck at Interviewing.

Build quality in every step of the hiring process, not just at the end. Fix Your Broken Recruiting Process.

A Cynic’s Top 10 Predictions for 2014 speaks for itself.

Glen Cathey thinks candidate identification is the most critical step in the talent acquisition/recruiting life cycle. Glen’s Top Ten Ways to Source Candidates.

Recruiting really is

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Interview with a Recruiter, Karen Ryan, Syntelligent

Karen, tell us about you and Syntelligent

I joined the Syntelligent team in June 2013. I’ve known the President, Stephen Synnott for several years and was very impressed with his professionalism, his Air Force and Intelligence experience, and his vision for his company.  He possesses excellent leadership skills, has a clear vision, brings a tactical and strategic direction to the organization, and is good to his people. My background is in supporting the Intelligence Community and IT/Engineering. As a Human Resources professional with a strong focus on team dynamics, it’s important for me to be aligned with an organization that shares my values.  When the opportunity to work with Syntelligent…

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Recruiters, What You Lose When Budgets Are Cut

Everyone’s budget is being cut.

We all have to be more creative with less. But is cutting resources the best option for long term recruiting and employer branding strategy? While there is significant pressure to cut resources as budgets tighten, there are some key things to consider.

Loss of Brand in the Marketplace

Pulling your company name and recruiter presence out of the marketplace will erode the employer brand. Once you have stopped supporting your employer brand, it may take a long time to rebuild. If you’ve just won a contract and need to staff up fairly quickly, that’s a critical business challenge. Particularly for small- and mid-size…

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