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3 Networking Success Tips

You can hardly open your browser or a business publication without seeing something about networking. Why? Studies show regular networkers are more successful in business and in life. True for introverts and extroverts incidentally.

Tip 1. Learn how to network

Don’t bother with random events or big ‘networking’ ones. Think about what you want to get from your networking efforts and how they relate to your job search and future success. Look at what you have done in the past. What has been most effective? Less so? What else do you need to do? Where and how?

Here is a ‘cheat sheet’ of categories – build your list from it

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Postponing Your Job Search During the Holidays: A Bad Choice

As the holiday season arrives many job seekers make a bad decision – to lessen, or shut down all-together, their job search with the thought they’ll renew and resume their search in the new year.

Bad decision! Why? A misunderstanding of how hiring happens.

Many job seekers mistakenly believe that employers stop hiring during the last couple months of the year. Not true! My best and most poignant example is a client who received her job offer on the afternoon of December 24. Around 2:30 pm.

Sure employers become busy with holiday company events, end-of-the-year tasks and requirements that must be accomplished before they can call it a year and…

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Calling Potential Contacts

In every human being, there is an intrinsic part that wants to help others. There is also an intrinsic part that prompts us to reach out to ask for help. In this digital age, sometimes it works to pick up the phone and talk directly to potential connections.

But when job seekers are looking for new career positions, that reaching out part may go into over-drive and could possibly prompt bad decisions or actions. Making cold-calls must be done with a purpose, and with the intent not to bother the callee. Choose your targets judiciously to make sure a phone call is the best approach.

When calling potential connections stop…

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Networking With Civilians: Four Steps To Effective Sea Stories

Networks are groups of people who know you, not just people who know you exist. One of the best ways to become a real person in the eyes of others is to talk about your experiences and ideas. Face-to-face conversations are the chance for you to add context and depth to your experiences in a way that a one-page resume can not.

Old Salts swapping sea stories in 1888. Today good conversations are the key to building a strong network.

One tradition in the Navy is that of a “Sea Story”.  Often times they take the form of a parable, other times they may be…

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Smart and Senior – Job Search Tips

Every job fair in the past 18 months which I have attended or heard of has had more senior-level people attending. So your ‘competition’ is increasing. What should you do?

Tip 1.  It’s who knows you, not just who you know.

You need to involve your current network effectively, of course. But now is also the time to expand it. Go for quality, not quantity! Connect via professional groups you belong. Add in LinkedIn or Twitter to increase your reach and to show you are using current tools.

Networking is the most common way anyone with extensive experience – and all of us on the north side of 35 – get

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