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Do Service Branches Have Different Leadership Styles

In November, 2010, Harvard Business Review had a special issue largely focused on things the private world could learn from the military. One of the articles in that issue that immediately stuck with me focused on the different leadership styles that each service cultivates. The authors of Which Of These People Is Your Future CEO? essentially separated the services into Ground Pounders (Army and Marines) and Non Ground Pounders (Navy and Air Force).

The article took the position that the Army and the Marine Corps cultivates a spirit of innovation, while the other two focus on standards and process.

This is true at the macro 10,000 foot level, but may…

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When Should My Resume Be Longer than Two Pages

How long should your resume be if you have 20+ years experience?

It depends on the position you’re applying for.

And it’s definitely a personal preference for a recruiter as to how many pages a resume should have. Different recruiters like different things. That’s true in all aspects of your job search.

The key questions:

  1. Are you communicating your work achievements that are relevant to the job description?
  2. Do you meet the requirements of the job description?

Those two questions should be your main concern. And for most positions and most cleared job seekers, that should be accomplished in two pages.

However, if the contract requires me to…

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Leaving Active Duty? Smart Steps While Still Serving

Transitioning military personnel often wait too long to start their career transition process. Some choose to completely avoid planning for job search but expect it will be easy to find a job. Even when you are in the midst of your current assignment, there are steps you can take to ease your transition and start your preparation for your next career adventure.

Start with the transition programs available to you in person or electronically. These are often dense with information and you may need to take more than one option to get all the details you need.

Build a plan – smart folks start 8-12 months before they intend to…

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Transitioning Military Sell Your Talent Not Your Title

There’s a lot of PR going on right now around the topic of veteran hiring. Private organizations are picking up on the terrific talent pool coming out of the armed forces and many even have specific outreach programs designed to attract recently separated military personnel. Let’s be clear though, no one will hire us because we are veterans, they will hire us because we have something to offer their company.

If you’re still on active duty, look around your unit (if you’ve recently separated think back to your last one). Do you believe everyone in that group was equally talented?  We as veteran job seekers can be quick to point…

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Use Your Last Duty Station as a Springboard for Success

Transition. It’s the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. In the case of the veteran we know where we start (active duty) and we know where we want to end up (employed).

But anyone who thinks they can wait until their final year in the service to begin planning is setting themselves up for an uphill battle. The sooner one knows they will be leaving the service the sooner they can make career decisions that can help to soften their landing into the private sector. Your last set of orders can be crucial.

The location and job description of the service members’ last tour…

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