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3 Steps to Bridge the Military to Civilian Language Barrier

Military to CivilianEveryone is talking about the need to help veterans and transitioning military members find a job. It’s a learning process for both our service members and the recruiters looking to hire them.

The number one reason I always hear mentioned for this disconnect is vets and transitioning military members are not “civilianizing” their resumes and recruiters often do not understand military jargon.

Bridging the Language Barrier in 3 Steps

So how do we meet in the middle and bridge that language barrier?

Start with your Military Occupation Specialty (MOS)/Rating/AFSC. Follow these steps to get yourself in the civilian mindset.

1. Look at your MOS/Rating/AFSC and see where it is too

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Veterans Roundup: President Promises Mental Health Care Fixes, DOD Looking at Overhead

CBO: Why VA Claims Exploded and Ways to Slow the Trend
Tom Philpott, (@Military_Update), Stars and Stripes. A new report by the Congressional Budget Office explains why even though the population of America’s veterans has decreased significantly in recent years, the number of veterans receiving disability compensation has significantly increased. The reason for this disconnect is not because more Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are claiming disability, but is the result of looser “service connected” ailment disability compensation requirements particularly among Vietnam War veterans, an expanded VA list of diseases linked to Agent Orange, a weak labor market, increased outreach to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and a looser definition of…

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Tapping the Veteran IT Talent Pool

0689 GunnyThe hiring process can be painful for both organizations seeking talent and individual job seekers. Gaps in common skills and language are typically cited as reasons for veteran hiring initiatives. It’s also agreed by most experts that of the military skill set, Information Technology and cyber skills are some of the most translatable. Why then do we have difficulty when it comes to attracting and hiring veteran IT Talent?

The problem lies on both sides of the equation. Neither side really knows what the other one is talking about.

I recently showed a job description to a transitioning Marine Corps communications officer. I asked him for his thoughts and it…

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How Military Transition is Like Cooking

What’s the very best meal you could make right now using nothing but the items currently found in your kitchen? Could you pull off a four course meal? Whip up a deep dish lasagna? Soup and sandwich? OK, maybe just soup?

Bob Wheeler's refrigerator

The best cookbook in the world is useless without the right ingredients.

How you answer this question depends more on what you have in your cabinets and refrigerator than it does your cooking abilities and it’s a great analogy for today’s veteran.

A military career, whether it be for four years or twenty-four years provides multiple opportunities to acquire skills and experiences. Some become…

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