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How to Be Seen in Your Job Search

“For some reason, lately I’ve received a number of letters and invitations taking the form of an email that says, ‘Please read the attached invitation/letter,’ plus said attachment.

Do people really not understand that this is a good way to be ignored? Life is busy, there are plenty of interesting and/or important things to do….If you can’t be bothered to give me some hint of what your message is about, I can’t be bothered to find out.” – Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman wasn’t talking about job search. He was referring to any email with an attachment and no explanation in the body of the email. We’ve…

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Seven LinkedIn First-Time User Mistakes

Recruiters are just as discriminating when reviewing LinkedIn profiles as they are when they review resumes.

Those using LinkedIn for the first time can be in a rush, make minor or major mistakes, and don’t realize they have set themselves up for failure. Here are a few mistakes that can be easily corrected and will assist job seekers in putting their best foot forward. 

1)    Typing a full name and initials in mixed upper and lower case for name and profile information. Assume the profile is your resume. Would you send a resume to a recruiter…

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Fake LinkedIn Profiles

Much has been written about fake LinkedIn profiles. There are folks who use LinkedIn to build marketing or contact lists and even worse, to gather information and intel on folks for nefarious reasons.

Many critics have commented that there are numerous fake LinkedIn profiles, and it will ruin LinkedIn if it’s not addressed.

However, LinkedIn is still a very effective tool for building your personal brand for finding a job, developing a business or attracting talent. Being part of a community allows you to build your brand and take advantage of the community watching out for you. Community policing is important only if…

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Why It Pays Off to Provide LinkedIn Recommendations

One of the biggest goals on LinkedIn is to obtain recommendations from past supervisors, bosses, peers, and co-workers to enrich your profile. You can never have enough. Recruiters like recommendations because they provide information that typically isn’t found on a resume or in your profile.

If you are interviewing, future employers can connect with the recommenders and find out more about you. And, they can contact your referrals to get the ‘skinny’ on your past performance.

If you are not actively looking for a job but you are more of a passive careerist, what is the point of getting involved in the recommendation process? Exposure and branding. Did you catch…

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You Don’t Have to Connect with Everyone

A challenge for many who want to move onto social media, especially to support their job search, is how to “connect” or “link” or “friend” some requests, but not all requests. If you’re a cleared job seeker with very little online experience, this is especially true.

Building a social network should be strategic. It’s not a race to see who can have the most friends first. It takes time, research, and patience.

So how do you navigate not accepting connections?

Each social media platform has different options. As LinkedIn is the most common social network for a job search, let’s go over these options in the LinkedIn environment.

On LinkedIn,…

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