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Defense Roundup: You Get a Job, You Get a Job, 200,000 Veterans Get Jobs! Veterans Day Brings Reflection

Pentagon’s Budget-Cut Response Risks Higher Costs Later

Tony Capaccio (@acapaccio), Bloomberg. The Government Accountability Office released a sort of “no kidding, really?” report last week that found after careful analysis that many of the budget cuts the Pentagon is making today to meet sequester guidelines will mean that weapons may cost more later or be delayed. The report looked at how the first year of sequester cuts weren’t as disastrous as originally predicted as defense department leaders drained contracts of padded buckets, delayed development and testing of some systems, and made other short term gain decisions that won’t be as readily available in the second year of cuts. All of…

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6 Successful Job Seeker Traits

One of my clients walked into our job search team meeting one day and declared:  “Persistence. I think it just really takes persistence to get a job today.”

The comment started me thinking. What had I noticed about the traits of successful job seekers?  What did they seem to have in common? Job seekers who landed new positions in recent years persisted in their searches when others gave up. But what else?

Consistency. Successful job seekers were consistent in performing job search activities. For instance, they established a work schedule for their job search and worked consistently on a daily basis — networking, writing letters, researching online, making calls, sending…

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How Volunteering Equals Work Experience on Your Resume

Many don’t realize just how important volunteer work is on their resume and how their involvement can open employment doors. A few hours a month given to a worthy cause can add up over the years.

Having this type of experience on one’s resume indicates several things. The volunteer is involved in the community, sharing their skills or hands towards a unique cause.  They are not scared of hard work – meaning they aren’t couch potatoes with little ambition or life goals. And they have a larger group of social contacts.

Volunteers hone their knowledge, skills, and abilities in environments or industries that open their mind to different viewpoints and…

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You’ve Lost Your Job, What’s Next

Nothing is scarier than walking out the door of the company that just laid you off – or terminated you for cause – and not knowing what your next step is going to be or how to tell the family. Only fools never plan for contingencies, but even a wise person may not know how or what to plan for in the case of losing one’s job. An easy to use checklist might help.

Resume: This should have been updated quarterly during job tenure with new achievements and value-added metrics to tell an objective story. Have someone else look at it with a critical eye for boring passages, subjective wording,…

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Selling Yourself as a Job Seeker

How you present yourself is critical in a job search.


Typically the first point of contact you’ll have with a potential employer is through materials such as your resume, email, cover letters, etc.

Make sure these materials are clear, focused, truthful content, that is easy to read and error free.

Online Brand

Search your name online and know what recruiters may find when they search you. Put your best foot forward online, assuming a potential employer will see everything you do, and be consistent across your social media platforms.

Personal Presentation

First impressions matter, so make sure you are comfortable, prepared and appropriately dressed for the situation.

Think of…

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