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Four Steps to a Successful Job Fair

Have you been wondering if attending a job fair is worth your time? Or worse, have you been to one and felt it was useless?

Job Fairs have a place in your job search plan – but only if you know how to work them effectively. And far too many attendees do not, they just show up.

First step:
Select a job fair which offers you access to employers you have targeted in your job search plan. If employers which interest you and have the jobs you want are not going to attend, there is no reason for you to attend either!

Second step:
Do your homework! Look at the list…

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A Job Fair? Networking? But My Work is Classified

So often I hear job seekers who focus entirely on searching for work online and do not understand the value of personal contacts and networking. And when I talk to folks in intel or other data-oriented classified work, this is even more common.

But a job search that is effective and that will result in a job that is right for you means you have to get out, and get active.

Talk to people you know. Introduce yourself to other attendees at professional meetings. Look for connections to current employees of organizations where you want to work.

And attend the ‘right’ job fairs.

What are the RIGHT job fairs? Answer:…

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