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Nine Cardinal Rules of Interviewing

Rules for InterviewingHundreds, and probably thousands of rules, guidelines, and guides have been written about how to interview. Some are more helpful than others. However ignoring the Rules of Interviewing listed below can ruin your chance of getting a cleared job!

Rule # 1 Never answer a question you don’t understand. Ask the interviewer for clarification.

Rule # 2 When an interviewer asks you a question, figure out the purpose behind the question and then answer accordingly. True for any question but especially so for those that touch on or covertly allude to sensitive areas such as age, religion, race, gender, politics, etc.

Rule # 3 Do not answer any question in…

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7 Tips for Using Social Media for Interview Preparation

Your goal is to be current on the company’s activities and to develop relevant questions to ask in the interview. That demonstrates you’re an informed professional, current with today’s technology and modes of communication.

To that end, incorporate social media into your pre-interview research strategy. Companies show different sides of themselves through different social media channels. Use this opportunity to learn more and prepare to ace your interview.

Depending on the cleared position you’re interviewing for and the contractor, you may find a wealth of information or next to nothing.

If the company you’re interviewing with is one of your target companies, you should have already completed much of this…

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6 Successful Job Seeker Traits

One of my clients walked into our job search team meeting one day and declared:  “Persistence. I think it just really takes persistence to get a job today.”

The comment started me thinking. What had I noticed about the traits of successful job seekers?  What did they seem to have in common? Job seekers who landed new positions in recent years persisted in their searches when others gave up. But what else?

Consistency. Successful job seekers were consistent in performing job search activities. For instance, they established a work schedule for their job search and worked consistently on a daily basis — networking, writing letters, researching online, making calls, sending…

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3 Quick Tips for Interviewing Success

You’ve worked hard to get an interview. Prepare yourself and make the most of your opportunity. You’re interviewing your potential employer as well.

Patra’s 3 quick tips for interviewing success:

1.    First impressions count

You’ve got one chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately and that you’re groomed. Walk in the door with a positive attitude and be courteous to everyone you encounter, from the receptionist to the President of the firm.

2. Be prepared

Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the company and the position you’re interviewing for. Review the company’s social media accounts. Review your interviewer’s social media accounts.

Touch base with anyone you…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Debbie Cantin, Charles F. Day & Associates

Debbie, Tell us about yourself

I have been with the company for almost four years in December. I am an Air Force Veteran so I understand the challenges individuals face transitioning from the military to the private sector.  I started with Charles F. Day & Associates, LLC (CFDay) as a Business Development Specialist. After two years, I was promoted to a Senior Technical Recruiter. A year later, I became a Human Resources Generalist. My current job encompasses the full scope of Human Resources with a specialty in full-cycle recruiting. One of my primary roles is locating viable candidates for contingent contract work. If we win the contract, we move forward…

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