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What Hiring Managers Want From Your Social Media Accounts

Is social media helping or hurting job seekers?

The results of a just released CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers who research candidates via social media illustrate it all depends on the job seeker.

Self-Defeating Content

The top mentions for self-defeating content range from flat out bad behavior to the issue of contradictory information. Most of the cleared community is smart enough not to make the first couple mistakes listed below. But pay close attention to some of the less-referenced problems that took a job seeker out of the running for a job:

Sexiness – 50%. Posting photos or information that are provocative or inappropriate.

Booziness – 48%. Sharing info about…

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Gov 2.0 Showcase – Looking at 2.0 Technology Differently

The Gov 2.0 Showcase followed by the Gov 2.0 Summit kicked off the Fall. The showcase format was interesting in that it examined government as many different platforms rather than a building or institution. One thing that many people forget outside the government is that those in the government are usually in the government to support a mission and have a passion to help others. This tends to get lost in the media, legislation and other ways that people communicate about the government.

The showcase put the government in a very different context. First looking at Government as a platform to accomplish specific goals and then look at those different goals.…

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Cyber Security Market: US Federal Government Will Invest $55 Billion Over Next 6 Years

Of particular interest to security cleared job seekers in the cyber security field is the following statistic:

The U.S. Federal Government will spend about
$55 billion on cyber security over the next six years.

Persistent weaknesses in cyber security policies and practices continue to threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information and information systems used to support the operations, assets, and personnel of most federal agencies. Recently reported incidents at federal agencies have placed sensitive data at risk, including the theft, loss, or improper disclosure of personally identifiable information of Americans, thereby exposing them to loss of privacy and identity theft.

Limitless opportunities for cyber security professionals


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September 11, 2009: Flags over the overpasses on major highways into Washington, DC.

Shortly after September 11, 2001, American flags starting showing up on overpasses on major highways leading into Washington DC especially Highway 66 in Virginia. Ever since 2001, each September around the first of the month, the flags start returning and stay up for the whole month. We honor and recognize these citizens who show their patriotic spirit for all to see. We also noticed that a few overpasses were missing some flags, so we put some up ourselves.
We will never forget.


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Wall Street Journal: “A little bit of Silicon Valley in the Intelligence Community”

We stumbled upon a very interesting article on the Wall Street Journal‘s web site about a new company, Palantir Technologies, that’s creating new software solutions to help intelligence analysts sift through tons of disparate data and make the connections that foil terrorist plots. As one of the latest entrants into the government spy-services marketplace, Palantir has designed what many intelligence analysts say is the most effective tool to date to investigate terrorist networks.

We found this article very interesting in that it showcases how government agencies — including the Pentagon and the CIA — are using innovative software solutions such as Palantir’s to keep our nation safe.

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