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Defense Roundup: Defense Contractors Tapping New Talent to Lead Into an Uncertain Future, Veteran Unemployment Down

US Plans Radical Upgrade of Stryker Brigades

Paul McLeary (@paulmcleary), Defense News. The Army is planning on upgrading all nine of its existing Stryker equipped infantry brigades to the modernized and heavily armored “double V-hull” configuration as funding is available in the coming years. The DVH configuration is an upgrade that incorporates lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and the MRAPs unique V shaped hull, which deflects sub-vehicle blast waves away from the crew compartment. The Army has struggled with what to do with the Strykers as they are somewhat less armored than most combat vehicles and vulnerable to IEDs and other threats. There was some question as to whether…

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Defense Roundup: Fallujah Back in the Headlines, Contractors Facing Uncertain Times

Majority of US MRAPs to Be Scrapped or Stored

Paul McLeary (@paulmcleary), Defense News. The vagaries of war and how we must buy equipment and dispose of it is always fascinating. Today the U.S. military is struggling with what to do with thousands of massive Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that were frantically purchased to protect combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as IEDs took a heavy toll in the two combat theaters. The Army will have to use some $1.7 billion in supplemental wartime funding to refurbish the badly abused and already outdated 8,585 vehicles they intend to keep while finding a way to rid the service of another…

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Defense Roundup: Veterans Increasingly Orange Blooded, New Navy Scandals That You Can Talk to Your Mom About

Defense Industry Layoffs Picking Up Steam

Sandra Erwin (@nationaldefense), National Defense Magazine. The defense industry is shedding jobs after a slight lull in the pace thanks to years of downsizing in anticipation of coming budget cuts. For the last five years an estimated 160,000 jobs have been cut from the defense industry and this year will push that number substantially higher. A new report by consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas says that about 30,000 jobs have been eliminated so far in 2013 and represents a pace that will exceed last year’s losses by over 30%. Aircraft manufacturing alone is down approximately 10,000 jobs in the last 12 months and…

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Defense Roundup: LockMart Has Identified Its Next F-35: the SR-72; Whether SOF or NG, Returning from War Has Challenges

US Joins Whistle-Blower Lawsuit Over Background Probes

Andrew Zajac, Bloomberg. Falls Church, Virginia based USIS can’t get much of a break from the relentless scrutiny of its business practices after the revelations that its investigators had conducted the background checks on former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. The company that processes an astounding two-thirds of all contracted background investigations and half of all U.S. background checks is being accused of submitting investigations to the Office of Personnel Management without proper quality control checks. The formerly sealed lawsuit filed by a former investigator as part of the federal whistle-blower legislation act was joined by the…

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Defense Roundup: Contractors, Civilians, and Vets Affected by Lack of Budget Agreement

Hardships also Hit Contractor Employees

Nicole Blake Johnson, Federal Times. Most of the stories on the personal cost of the shutdown have focused on the problems for service members, veterans and civil servants, but another key population is taking a haircut on this deal. And they probably won’t be getting their money back as federal employees now will. Thousands of contractors are now on furlough and the picture gets murkier the longer the shutdown continues. Many contracts have simply run out of money using previously obligated 2013 funds, while contracts that relied on new 2014 funds are in a strange limbo as those funds haven’t been released and may not…

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