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Defense Roundup: Spotlight on caregivers and female veterans, and GAO flays another program

Four Issues to Watch as US Congress Returns for Busy Fall

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. Congress returns this week to a vastly different agenda than the one they left for vacation facing three weeks ago. No one expected the burning issue in September would be authorizing strikes on Syria for chemical weapons attacks on their own citizens. The vote is going to be contentious while it will likely pass the Senate, the House simply doesn’t sound interested in jumping into another Middle East fight. Meanwhile, the budget isn’t even close to being voted on so another Continuing Resolution is almost inevitable and to make it fun the…

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Employee Referral Programs

What’s one of the key ways to get a job with a defense contractor?

Leverage a contact who works for a company you are targeting for employment, and ask for a referral. It helps you stand out in a crowded field of job seekers.

Referrals are good hiring sources for companies because they result in quality new hires. Current employees often receive some sort of referral compensation if the person they refer is hired. And people like to work with folks they know they can trust. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved — the job seeker, the current employee and the employer.

Employee referral programs are even more important…

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February 13 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Exclusive: Pentagon Budget Eyes $178.8 Billion for R&D, Procurement

Andrea Shalal-Esa, Reuters. Copies of the 2013 defense budget started getting to the press over the weekend and the early reports have a 7.5% drop in the procurement budget and an overall 12.2% drop from last year’s budget with the drop in war funding. Generally aircraft and ship programs fared well while cuts in the medium family of vehicles for the Army went down substantially, and the Humvee upgrade program was killed in favor of the JLTV.

San Antonio Firm Barred from Fed Contracts

Sig Christenson and Patrick Danner, San Antonio Express. The Booz Allen Hamilton office in San Antonio, Texas has…

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Military Transition Tips from a NOVA Corporation Hiring Manager

David Sims, an Air Force veteran and hiring manager for NOVA Corporation, took time away from his duties at a recent Cleared Job Fair to share some tips for transitioning military. Nova Corporation is a Native-American tribally-owned defense contractor that provides benefits to the Navajo people through education and housing programs.  

As a hiring manager who has seen the mistakes that transitioning military often make in a job search, David shared these recommendations:

-      Avoid military jargon and civilianize your resume.

-      Obtain industry-level certifications if you’re an information assurance professional.

-      Attend as many job fairs and networking events as you can.

-      Make sure…

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