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The Cyber Security Workforce of the Future

Highlights from #AFCEA Answers, hosted by Max Cacas. Guests Dr. Ron Ross from ‪#‎NIST; Pat Delaney from University of Maryland University College; and Chris May, with Carnegie Mellon University CERT Program. The program airs at 2:05pm on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in the D.C. area. Listen online, keyword AFCEA. 

Scope of the cyber security workforce problem

The challenges we face in cyber security are enormous as there is so much at stake. We must have the best and the brightest working to help solve difficult and challenging problems. We’re short of skilled folks at the federal level, but also in private industry because they are both competing…

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Defense Roundup: Pentagon Approves Apple, Budget Scenarios in the Works and SOFIC Success

Pentagon Approves Use of Advanced Devices from Apple and Others – but Don’t Expect Quick Change

Chris Carroll (@ChrisCarroll_), Stars and Stripes. On Friday the Defense Information Systems Agency announced the long rumored approval of the Security Technical Implementation Guide, or STIG, for Apple iOS6 devices to be used on the Defense Department’s networks. This move effectively clears the department’s various entities to purchase products like iPhones and iPads officially for the first time joining previously approved Samsung Android devices. While there is some excitement among Apple diehards, Carroll points out that it won’t be an overnight change by any means. BlackBerry clearly owns the government market

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April 30 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Economy Grew at 2.5 Percent in 1st Quarter, Amping Fears of a Stalled Recovery

Ylan Q. Mui (@ylanmui) and Marjorie Censer (@CommonCenser), Washington Post. The sequester cuts haven’t really settled in yet, most federal employee furloughs are only just starting, yet the 1st quarter economic data is already showing a slowed growth from expectations. Gross domestic product grew at annual rate of 2.5% for the first three months of the year thanks to an 11.5% annualized drop in military spending. This makes it two quarters in a row of massive defense cuts and represents the steepest declines in military spending since the Korean War. Things simply won’t…

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January 28 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Senators to Probe Air Force’s $1 Billion Failed Software

Tony Capaccio (@ACapaccio), Bloomberg. The Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating the failure of a $1 billion software project by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for the Air Force that was canceled in November. The program was reorganized three times in three years and a new review found that to fix the program would cost yet another $1.1 billion on top of that already spent and still bring it in past the deadline needed. To their credit the Air Force is taking a percentage of the blame for shifting requirements, failed acquisition processes and other management issues and not just leaving…

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Cyber Security Is for All of Us

Defense Secretary Defense Leon Panetta warned of a potential “cyber-Pearl Harbor” yesterday in a speech at the Intrepid Museum in New York while making a push for cyber security legislation.

While some may say this is overstatement, the threat is real. It comes to life when you listen to FBI agents and cyber security experts talk about real world examples. Earlier this week the Government Technology & Services Coalition, the FBI Washington Field Office and the local Infragard chapter presented a focus on cyber threats and vulnerabilities that face our digital infrastructure.

The threat goes beyond destructive actions in a cyber Pearl Harbor. Our economy is based on…

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