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4 Tips for More Effective ClearedJobs.Net Job Search

ClearedJobs.Net SearchAs much as job seekers get frustrated about the lack of time a recruiter spends looking at each resume (six seconds is the most quoted stat), it turns out that job seekers aren’t doing much to hold up their end of the bargain either.

In fact, a Wall Street Journal article reported that it only takes job seekers between 50 and 70 seconds to decide whether or not to respond to a job posting. While it is admittedly ten times the length of time a recruiter spending – it still doesn’t inspire much confidence.

It’s been said that all solutions breed new problems. In this case…

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4 Keys to an Effective Job Board Resume

Think like a recruiterIt’s the job seeker’s golden rule: If you want to be found, think like a recruiter.

Nowhere is this more true than with job boards such as ClearedJobs.Net.

Unfortunately many candidates don’t understand how job boards work, or how recruiters use them. This leads to many a qualified candidate going unseen by recruiters and hiring managers. Follow the golden rule, however and you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Many job seekers are surprised to learn that job boards are more than just a collection of job postings. Recruiters are also paying to have access to the database of job seeker resumes. There are actually many organizations that don’t…

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10 Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2014

Ten Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2014Security clearance experts Greg Rinckey and Nicole Smith of Tully Rinckey PLLC wrote many of our most popular articles of 2014. In fact seven of our ten most-read articles in 2014 related to security clearances and, overwhelmingly, what to do if you run into issues with alcohol, marijuana and more.

If you’d like to learn more about security clearances or have particular questions, we invite you to attend our D.C. metro area job fairs in 2015. Nicole Smith will present briefings on What You Need to Know about Your Security Clearance Reinvestigation.

Our 10 most popular stories of 2014:

10. Top 10 Reasons DISCO and OPM

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ClearedJobs.Net Big Data

Numbers are important, and so is great content which continues to be our focus. Building great content that meets the specific and unique needs of our community is our mission. Our community has grown through these content strategies to help security cleared candidates’ career search and support cleared facilities employers’ sourcing.

The Cleared Job Board is the primary service we provide the community. Yet many still know us for our Cleared Job Fairs. Our Cleared Job Board traffic continues to grow as we provide more services to the job seeker to better research and connect with recruiters.

In addition, we saw an 18% increase in the number of…

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Recruiters Be Calm and Carry On During #Shutdown2013

Frustration, anxiety and uncertainty. Yes, we all have it! What to do next?

As recruiters in the federal government community, we are also confronted with a large community of job seekers who are flooding you with resumes and applications. When the ball gets rolling again, you will need to hire -and fast- qualified cleared talent. What do you do while at a standstill?

Here are some recommendations on maintaining your employer brand and keeping your talent pipeline flowing while we wait out the shutdown: 1. Communicate, 2. Evaluate, 3. Initiate.

Communicate: Be sure to communicate with your talent community as to what you are doing with current applications and how…

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