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Armed Forces Day 2013

Armed Forces Day is celebrated the third Saturday in May, falling on May 18 this year. That’s the day we should all thank a military member for their service, fly the flag and appreciate what the military does for our country.

The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated in 1950, after the five military branches were consolidated under the Department of Defense. It was intended to replace the separate Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard birthdays, but those days are still observed as well.

President Truman issued a proclamation in 1949 encouraging Americans to “display the flag of the United States at their homes on

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December 10 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

U.S. Senators Demand Explanation for ECSS Failure

Aaron Mehta, Defense News. The Senate Armed Services Committee wants to know what happened to a billion dollar Air Force program that was supposed to revolutionize parts and equipment management for the service. Instead it’s being called one of the biggest acquisition failures in recent memory after a review found that the billion dollars already spent would need another billion dollars and a delivery all the way back in 2020 before it would be fielded, leading to its termination. Now the service has lost a key part of its effort to face a full audit in 2017 without anything to show for the effort…

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May 21 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

Army’s Golden Child Loses the Training Wheels

Michael Hoffman, DoD Buzz. The third iteration of the Army’s Network Integration Exercise (NIE) has kicked off and this one promises to bring more sophistication and answers than previous versions as this unique test exercise matures to a level of major influence in acquisitions. This exercise will focus on mobile satellite communications networks and take the tactical radios used in the previous exercises to a more mature capabilities set. It’s a unique approach as actual combat units are given the mission to try out the newest technology in the field without bias, and it has already yielded the killing of several high profile programs. There…

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April 16 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

Bidding Reopens Next Week on Controversial Afghan Aircraft Contract

Agence France-Presse. The Air Force announced it will try again to reopen the contract competition for the Afghan Air Force light attack aircraft, after canceling the award of the contract to Brazil’s Embraer and Sierra Nevada two months ago amid allocations of mishandling of the competition. The new contract will not see award until early 2013 most likely, and comes as rumors of an impending bankruptcy by competitor Hawker-Beechcraft swirl. Overall the new plan means a delay of just over 15 months from the original plan to give the Afghans their own ground support aircraft.

U.S. Navy’s LCS Yet to Fullfill

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March 19 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

Marines to Cut 4 Battalions, 12 Air Squadrons

David Alexander, Reuters. The Marine Corps issued an unusually detailed and clear list of the planned cuts to the force as they seek to cut 20,000 Marines from the service. The cuts will be conducted over five years with the plan of seeing most of them through attrition and less re-enlistment opportunities. Four infantry battalions will be lost bringing them down to 23 from 24. Aviation units will go from 70 to 58 squadrons and three headquarters units will also be lost.  North Carolina and California will bear the brunt of the cuts.

U.S. Air Force, Air Guard Lock Horns Over Cuts


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